Document/Content Archiving and Management Using Galactica

Most healthcare organizations have recognized that the development of a legal Electronic Medical Record (EMR) should take place parallel to the development of effective Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions. While both of these systems maintain certain similarities, they differ in terms of the court of law, the constitution of a legal record, and how to successfully build one.

TSG’s Galactica E-HIM suite supports your EHR strategy by capturing patient documents from a variety of source systems to create a longitudinal record across multiple file and content types (i.e. video, audio, documents, unstructured data, structured data, and more). We offer a number of scanning and content capturing solutions to index all paper, audio, video and image based records that exist across your organization, beginning with the conversion of patient records using smart batch scanning and indexing designed to auto-capture scanned documents at point of service. We also offer a content/object capture engine that automatically captures and indexes any output from any application or diagnostic system, making it available as part of the legal record in near real-time to users across the enterprise.

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The Galactica document archiving system includes the following convenient features:

  • Documents and other content turned into digital images
  • Content indexed into an integrated subject mode for fast and easy retrieval
  • User login information integrated with HIS system
  • Ability to print, fax, and email documents
  • Multiple search options
  • Ability to add annotations to scanned documents and other content


Once you have implemented Galactica into your healthcare organization’s already existing EHR model, you can achieve greater efficiency and boost workflow. Many of today’s EHR systems contain gaps where data still resides on paper or outside of the EHR, leading to a number of redundancies and inefficiencies. By eliminating these issues with Galactica, you waste less time and money on the storage and retrieval of essential health information.

TSG’s Galactica is surprisingly affordable, especially when compared with similar systems from other healthcare providers. Additionally, we work directly with our clients to ensure a model that is unique to each organization’s financial situation.

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Our Electronic Chart Management and Chart Deficiency Web based application enables hospitals to effectively address chart inconsistencies and adhere to regulations by automating the process of verifying deficiencies, auto-assigning deficiencies, and completing the patient chart information.

The ECM immediately scans and indexes patient documents, enabling analysts to competently manage information through workflow management at encounter and patient levels. This results in quicker assigning of tasks to physicians and accurate identification of deficiencies. These deficiencies can be instantly corrected by physicians from any location. Analysts are then able to quickly re-analyze the chart to ensure all deficiencies have been resolved. This method has been proven to decrease chart delinquency rates and increase accuracy within facilities.

Features and Benefits

  • Auto scheduling of document and data capture across the EHR application at a given point in time
  • Ability to create addendum
  • Intuitive navigation and patient search
  • Two-way integrated messaging between physicians and HIM staff
  • Ability to read, approve, and e-sign documents in one system
  • Complete audit trail for HIPAA purposes
  • Seamless integration across many disparate systems
  • Portability, scalability, and ease of deployment

Paperless Admission to Billing

TSG’s Paperless Admission to Billing is a document scanning and management solution for all phases of the revenue cycle, from patient access to account collections. It is capable of vastly reducing or even eliminating the use of paper statements, patient communications, and payment remittances.

This solution has been designed to fully integrate and seamlessly interface with providers’ practice management and information systems for efficient end-to-end functionality.

Scanning Workflow for HR

The Shams Group’s Galactica HR option allows an organization to scan all paper, and capture data and documents within an HR department to automate its workflow. It also offers additional workflow for automating communication and correspondence between management and HR. It significantly transforms the workflow between HR, Management, and Employees, reducing stress and improving productivity. Automate your HR workflow and eliminate manual processes by leveraging automated routing, approval, and tracking mechanisms. Not only does this save time, but it also increases employee productivity and assures accountability.

We can boost the functionality of your business applications by seamlessly integrating our document imaging software with your existing HR management system. Our scanning workflow provides secure access to critical HR documents and compliance guidelines by restricting access and tracking changes through robust security privileges. Documents can be scanned and linked to the corresponding applicant or job code. Once an applicant is hired, all the documents automatically move to each employee’s respective file. The documents linked to certain job codes can then be retrieved if the job opens up again at a later date.

Key Features:

  • Allows department heads limited access pertaining to their employee documents only
  • Scanning and viewing available in an integrated mode from any screen in the application
  • Automatically purges documents based on the specified retention rules
  • Built-in HR User Mailbox workflow allows payroll and HR departments to share related documents
  • Back-scans and keeps old employee records without spending too much time
  • Intuitive web-based reporting tool manages scanning and viewing audits

Registration to Business Office Workflow

Starting at the point of registration or scheduling, The Shams Group’s Document Archiving & Management System has easy-to-use POS scanning capabilities to capture documents that are critical to the revenue cycle process. Smart indexing and alert-based workflow software ensure that all information is correctly associated with each patient.

TSG’s Paperless Admission to Billing addresses all phases of the revenue cycle, from patient access to account collections. It is capable of vastly reducing or even eliminating the use of paper EOB’s, statements, patient communications, and payment remittances.

This solution has been designed to fully integrate and seamlessly interface with providers’ practice management and information systems for efficient end-to-end functionality.

We offer four different workflow automation options for remittance advice. A smart workflow is also provided for correspondence capture and quick retrieval of information, and other workflow improves customer service in various areas. The system also includes a new feature to cut down denials, improving revenue cycle and cash flow.

  • Remit Automation Workflow – Billing documents are only a click away. Capture electronic or paper-based EOB and attach them to the patient account or bill in any HIS. You can also route paper denials to individual users based on a pre-defined rule matrix. Managers can run reports to manage overall denials, and users can view each other’s queue and follow-up on the outstanding denial queues.
  • Correspondence Workflow – Mail can now be scanned and routed to an individual user’s mailbox for processing, based on rules defined in TSG’s Electronic Document Management System. Once follow-up is complete, move the document to a patient folder with one click. Documentation can be shared among scheduling, business offices, and registration using TSG’s Document Management System mailbox workflow.
  • Denial Workflow –Allows users to build pre-defined rules for denials in which specified denials can be sent to identified billers within the organization. Denials can be processed in the form of electronic EOB/Remit or paper EOB/Remit Mail correspondence.
  • Outsourced Collector Workflow – With secure web-based access to documents, remote collection companies can view accounts that they have been assigned and the documents they have permission to see. Lawyers and auditors can also access billing or patient documents and conduct RAC audits via secure access. This workflow does not require any maintenance from IS and does not require any installation.

Release of Information

Release of Health Information (ROI) is a necessary core function involved when managing the release of health information to third parties. Facilities must address the many laws, policies, regulations, and procedures to ensure that ROI is timely, accurate, confidential, and complete.

Enhance your ROI process with an intelligent, highly flexible solution that fits your needs with TSG’s Document Release Management solution (DRM). DRM is a web-based application that allows a facility to customize and manage their release of information process. If the ROI department is outsourced, DRM allows customers to bring it in-house. If the department is in-house, the DRM provides workflow automation for processing ROIs quickly and cost-effectively.


  • Track, monitor, and process requests from receipts through final disposition
  • Complete request and payment management where appropriate
  • E-mail or fax content, or put it in any other electronic format for delivery

TSG meets the two objectives as deemed by Meaningful Objectives that affects ROI:

  1. Provide patients with an electronic copy of their health information (including diagnostic test results, problem list, medication lists, medication allergies, summary and procedures) upon request.
  2. Allows patients electronic access to their health information (including lab results, problem list, medication lists, and medication allergies) within four business days of the information being available to EP.

Pharmacy Workflow is part of the Galactica Rx System and is designed to provide a valuable solution to the challenges that confront pharmacies and nurses. The Shams Group’s Galactica Rx System streamlines and automates the entire medication order management process in a facility, ensuring the accuracy and speed necessary to meet patients’ needs. It is designed for the capture, routing, delivery, review, approval, printing, and storage of physician orders. It also includes the ability to triage order types and allows online retrieval of physician orders, a major breakthrough in the order management process.