Face the Fax: 4 Reasons to Ditch the Traditional Fax

Although EHR technology has been around since the 60’s, preliminary estimates in 2008 suggested that almost 62% of physicians in the U.S. were still storing their patient data in folders and file cabinets. Thanks to over $25 billion in incentives from the Obama administration, that number has been reduced to under 15% today, but now a new health IT adoption challenge looms.

Patient Intake Solutions at TSG Selected by 75% of Atlantic Canada

In September 2019, The Shams Group secured its first Atlantic Canadian province and was contracted to implement its Patient Check-in & Registration Kiosk at two main referral facilities within that province. In the year since then, the company has finalized partnerships with two other Maritime provinces and gained contracts to implement nearly three dozen more kiosks across Atlantic Canada.

New Services Offering at TSG: Turn Your Enterprise Data into a Business Asset

Although the healthcare sector was one of the sectors expected to benefit most from big data technology, progress has been slow. Big data technology may offer healthcare enterprises a way to use information already at their disposal to drive growth and reduce waste in their operations, but how will those enterprises be connected with the tools, knowledge, and assistance to overcome integration challenges, understand BI technology, and ultimately capitalize on big data?