What We Do

TSG is a provider of intelligent, integrated, interoperable browser-based hospital software and services that include Clinician Portal, EHR Portals, Patient/Self-Service Kiosks, Business Intelligence/AI, Digital Transformation, Hybrid Cloud Migration, Workflow Dashboard, Document Imaging & Scanning, Dictation and Transcription Portal, Revenue Cycle, Consulting Services, Transcription Services, IT Services and much more. Our solutions allow you to ensure physician/clinician adoption and patient engagement, improve quality of patient care, and deliver revenue cycle workflow automation, resulting in cost savings. Today, we are a leader in health IT solutions using mobile health in the cloud. We offer both on premise and cloud-based solutions.

TSG’s integration capabilities connect disparate systems, synchronize data, accelerate movement of data and automate processes. All of our products come with interoperability connectors that support industry standard protocols like HL-7/CCD, SQL, XML and much more. Patient Health Information Integration, CCDA, Direct Exchange, Public Health Submission, HISP exchange. For Meditech HIS, interfaces are completely provided by TSG with no Meditech Involvement.

Our solutions have allowed a multitude of hospitals and organizations to save millions of dollars by creating an efficient workflow and adopting information technology to meet their needs. Hospitals have not only stabilized and automated their workflow, but have also increased their care process and cash flow tremendously.


  1. TSG has developed browser, smartphones and tablet agnostic Portal workflow applications for:
    • Electronic legal medical chart
    • Cloud based Dictation and Transcription workflow management
    • Enterprise wide document scanning and archiving
    • Release of information tracking
    • Help desk/ticket workflow management
    • Business Analytics and decision support
    • Clinicians
    • Patients
    • Departmental Users
    • Tele-health/telemedicine
  2. Microsoft Gold Partner Since 2004 – Competencies include:
    • Application Integration
    • Business Intelligence
    • Data Platform
    • Management and Virtualization
    • Server Platform
  3. Windows OS, Virtualization, SQL Server, Business Analytics
  4. SharePoint 2010 and 2013 development and implementation
  5. iOS development/Apps
    • Wayfinding app
    • Intake and eForms workflow infrastructure that can automate all workflow designs for any industry and integrate with any back-end system
    • Dictation/voice recording app
  6. Android and HTML5 app development
  7. .Net and Java applications
  8. End-to-end Infrastructure monitoring
  9. Cloud Computing, Automation