Our mission is to:

  • Hire and retain a qualified, highly motivated, and result oriented workforce
  • Provide a competitive and healthy work environment
  • Encourage high productivity, good quality, and timely performance
  • Offer training and development opportunities
  • Promote transparent communication between employees and management

Our Culture and Values

At TSG, we are passionate about maintaining our culture and values centered on our clients and staff. Our aim is to foster a culture of excellence where employees are focused on goals and performance. We promote positive attitude, mutual respect, professionalism, agility, determination, honesty and integrity.


TSG’s success is based on employees that are knowledgeable, innovative, and results-oriented professionals. Our goal is to provide unparalleled customer service.

Why Join Us? 

TSG is a multi-national company that employs a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic workforce. We welcome seasoned professionals, recent college graduates, and interns. Join us if you enjoy a challenge, have a thirst for knowledge, and a desire to learn and grow.

TSG’s Internship Program

TSG believes that interns are amongst the most highly motivated members of the workforce. Interns bring novel perspectives, fresh ideas, agility, and a positive change in the work environment.

The objectives of TSG’s Internship Program are:

  • To create a mutually beneficial relationship between TSG and academia
  • To provide interns with practical work experience in a corporate environment
  • To enhance the local workforce by mentoring and training interns
  • To help students in the community to develop skills, make connections, strengthen their profile, and assess their interest and abilities

Internships can turn into full-time employment depending upon the intern’s readiness and availability of an open position.

Equal Employment Opportunity

In order to provide equal employment and advancement opportunities to all individuals, employment decisions at TSG will be based on merit, qualifications, and abilities. TSG does not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or any other characteristic protected by law.