TSG’s “follow the sun” customer support model has led us to strategically place a group of worldwide support centers so there is always a center open during “business hours” anywhere on the globe. Through an automatic issue logging and data routing system, customers are serviced by available technicians 24x7x365

A majority of TSG’s products come with ‘Alert Manager’ software that monitors various aspects of our software, and acts as an alert warning system to minimize downtime. If our ‘Alert Manager’ detects a problem which may grow over time, it will be communicated to our support team and we will dial in to fix the problem before it grows into a major downtime.

Our service oriented teams work together to focus on delivering a unified customer service experience where possible. TSG prides itself on providing the best level of issue resolution in the industry. Our on-line customer relationship management product, Vision CRM, dramatically improves our support workflow model. Vision CRM provides numerous advantages, with significant gains including:

  • Centralized Electronic Dashboard for support issues and analysis of support issues
  • Improved support turnaround time
  • On-line ticket management

– On-line ticket status review

– Communicate on a ticket

– Close tickets

  • Determine which tickets are waiting on you, or your staff’s, feedback
  • Real time status updates via e-mail notifications
  • HIPAA compliance – (As no PHI details are transmitted beyond TSG’s secured environment – All ticket correspondence is contained within Vision CRM)

TSG prides itself on providing the best level of customer support in the industry. To ensure that this continues, the Customer Support & Implementation team monitors all issues reported by sites and logged in Vision CRM tracking/ticketing system. This process has been refined through experience to maintain this high level of customer satisfaction. If, at any time, you are uncomfortable with the process or feel that your issues are not satisfactorily dealt with, please fill out the contact form or call 469-586-3317 and ask to speak to Customer Support Management Team.