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Face the Fax: 4 Reasons to Ditch the Traditional Fax

Although EHR technology has been around since the 60’s, preliminary estimates in 2008 suggested that almost 62% of physicians in the U.S. were still storing their patient data in folders and file cabinets. Thanks to over $25 billion in incentives from the Obama administration, that number has been reduced to under 15% today, but now a new health IT adoption challenge looms.

continue care without contact

While many providers are adopting telemedicine as a way to continue care without contact, some care situations still require in-person treatment. Limiting physical contact between individuals in such situations is still as important as ever. For patients, visiting the hospital now elicits worry of transmission, and the thought of having to exchange registration forms, ID cards, and credit cards to accomplish routine intake procedures – all things which previously weren’t even blinked at – now fosters feelings of discomfort and unease.

were recently asked

COVID-19 has influenced major changes in the way individuals think, act, live, and work, and the world’s leading business decision-makers are no exception. Several corporate technology executives were recently asked what their greatest business concerns were during the coronavirus pandemic.