patient check-in registration kiosk

How Does Our Kiosk Simplify Unscheduled Visits?

The Shams Group
Burdened by a surge of patients, your ER is beginning to experience a slowdown. Registration clerks and nurses alike are scrambling to get patients registered and seen, but the team just can’t seem to get ahead of the surge.
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No Contact, No Problem: How to Simplify Patient Intake During Covid-19

While many providers are adopting telemedicine as a way to continue care without contact, some care situations still require in-person treatment.
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Patient Check-in & Registration Kiosk

Combating COVID-19 with Patient Check-in & Registration Kiosk

We all have a vital role to play in maintaining public health and minimizing the spread. For healthcare providers, the difficulty comes in finding safe ways to continue providing care while protecting both patients and staff.
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