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Analytics, Reporting and Dashboards

The Shams Group’s Analytics solutions help you make better and faster strategic decisions in the area of accounts receivable and cash-flow management by providing in-depth, drill-down analysis capabilities.

Our Analytics services are designed to work exclusively with Microsoft BI tools. We complement and complete Microsoft’s BI offerings by providing the best practices with pre-built reports and analysis cubes. We play a critical role in providing these querying technologies to end users through a powerful, synergistic toolset that delivers analytics, reporting, and dashboards.

MS SQL Server Analysis Services 2005 / 2008 / 2012+ PowerPivot (SSAS)

By extensively and intelligently utilizing MS SQL Server Analysis Services powers and The Shams Group’s healthcare domain knowledge, we have come up with highly customizable OLAP cubes that fit the most hospitals’ analytical needs and provide data mining functionality for business intelligence applications. SSAS shows the operational status of services using pre-built reports, scorecards, and dashboards for fast data analysis.

Our analysis services include hundreds of pre-built reports for final billed patient analysis, ER patient analysis, and marketing analysis within your organization. The reports focus on key performance indicators across a large number of predefined metrics.  Business Intelligence also lets users design new reports using a drag-and-drop interface. Integrated with any BI Application including SharePoint BI Portal, MS Excel, MS Reporting Services, and PowerPivot.

In addition to these pre-built cubes, we offer building more cubes on request if the current selection does not fulfill a client’s requirements.


In addition to our own Galaxy warehouse, our analytic tools now work on the Meditech Data Repository or another vendor warehouse with Meditech data usage.

  • Ad hoc analysis & detection of anomalies
  • Scorecards and trends for quick info on what parameters are not working as per Goals
  • Multidimensional data analysis, which means users, can get a personal perspective on their data
  • Analytical grids allows an in depth analysis of data by drilling down into details or drilling up to get an overall picture of different dimensions and measures
  • Sorts and filters are available on any criteria
  • Information can be converted into different graphical representations on the fly
  • Users can make better decisions: recognize trends earlier, discover undetected errors and fraud, and create more accurate forecasts

MS SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

SQL Server Reporting Services is a comprehensive, server-based solution that enables the creation, management, and delivery of both traditional paper-oriented reports and interactive web-based reports. An integrated part of the Microsoft Business Intelligence framework, Reporting Services delivers real-time information to support daily operations and drive decisions. SSRS supports the full reporting life cycle, including report authoring, management, delivery, and security.

In addition to these pre-build reports, we offer building more reports on request if the current selection does not fulfill a client’s requirements.

In addition, we offer report building training to the client’s IT department on request.


In addition to our own Galaxy warehouse, our analytic tools now work on the Meditech Data Repository or another vendor warehouse with Meditech data usage.

  • A web based solution so no manual installations required what so ever on user machine
  • Can be integrated with SharePoint BI portal
  • Automatically runs a report on set schedules and emailed to anyone
  • Can be exported to Excel, PDF, XML and other popular formats
  • There are a number of pre-built reports that are categorized under different heads like: ABS, ADM, AP, BAR, EDER, GL, LAB, MIS, MM NUR, OE, Payroll, etc.


TSG’s eMillennium is a business intelligence solution that allows executives and managers to immediately retrieve clinical and non-clinical statistical information. This data can be accessed from a wide variety of critical sources such as a hospital HIS, Meditech-DR, or a third party data warehouse.

eMillennium uses powerful structured table analysis, axis style comparisons, pattern and trend analysis, and extensive graphic capabilities to enhance decision-making abilities. With customizable dimensions and an intuitive data field display, users can achieve a thorough understanding of critical financial and clinical performances. The system provides a powerful management tool to gather and analyze information for hospital executives and department managers across healthcare organizations. By producing user-defined reports instantaneously, it enables decision-makers at all levels to view integration financial, clinical, and statistical information from all departments, facilities, and corporations.


  • Leverage data from a Data Repository (DR) or third-party archived data warehouse
  • Provides customizable performance indicators to monitor revenue cycle, medical, and practice management
  • Facilitates better decision-making and stronger analytical ability for departmental managers
  • Rapid recognition of trends, patterns, and alerts for data consistency
  • Allows quantified data interpreting that into meaningful qualitative measures for comprehensive E.H.R solution
  • Allows for more accurate forecasting and meaningful performance measurement either for physicians, patients, budgets, or any non-clinical areas
  • Provides various decision-making data analytics such as pattern analytics, LOS comparison analytics, profile analytics, and peer comparison analytics to create a breakdown of data for easy interpretation
  • Simple web-based user interface and ease of use that requires minimal training
  • Scalable across an entire organization that allows different users to accomplish different results and attain separate levels of value from the same set of data

eMillennium is formatted in a numerical grid that offers in-depth data investigation using traditional row-and-column tables for easy use. Data is broken down into valuable segments that provide rapid discovery of various situations. The grid can be ranked, customized, selected, and manipulated to display different results, and the application of breakdowns, filters, and drill-downs extract dynamic changes to the grid’s size and content.

The pattern analysis screen also allows users to view data. This screen graphically displays data analysis, using various categories to give users a quick understanding of each participant’s performance in individual categories. Along with the graphical display, a quick reference of the actual numbers provides optimal knowledge gain.

Once an item of interest has been obtained, users can use profiling to analyze information. Whether by DRG, insurance, employer, or physician, profiling allows users to take a closer look at the details of any particular item, providing an in-depth look at the history behind the item and information as to why a certain performance level has been attained.

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