CQM Reports

In an attempt to improve the quality and efficiency of care for the Medicare and Medicaid population, CMS and other agencies define the structure and quality indicators for the Promoting Interoperability (PI) incentive program. In order to show that they are using Meditech’s certified EHR to submit clinical quality, core, and menu set measures, many hospitals are actively pursuing these Promoting Interoperability (PI) incentives by modifying their clinical workflow to meet the proper requirements.

Clinical dashboards display patient information stored in electronic health records, providing the necessary information to care for patients more efficiently. They demonstrate one type of Promoting Interoperability (PI) associated with electronic systems as they support efforts to measure and monitor the quality of clinical care being provided based on defined clinical quality measures.

With TSG’s CQM reports and dashboards, you can enhance the effective use of your electronic health records. The data displayed within the dashboard provides clinicians with critical information to help them perform their jobs well. Additionally, it stores the detailed patient-level data behind each summary report, so you can analyze and validate the data behind each measure.

  • CQM Scorecard – The scorecard gives hospital performance against State and National values, at a glance for all CQM required by PI
  • CQM Detail Report – Three different detailed reports that are a requirement of PI certification
  • CQM Summary Report – This report gives the summary of different calculations that makes the CQM performance rate
  • CQM Filters – Filters on which dashboard can be looked for different periods and CQMs
  • CQM Trend – The trend analysis chart shows at a glance hospital progress from quarter to quarter for all CQM required by PI
  • CQM Grid – The grid allows in depth analysis of data by drilling down into details or drilling up to get an overall picture
  • CQM Chart – Graphical representation of hospital performance against State and National Values, for each quarter and each CQM required for PI
  • CQM Patient List – This report gives the list of patients, according to the parameters selected

CQM reports can be done with data from a wide variety of sources, either from the Meditech Data Repository, TSG’s Galaxy Data Warehouse, or other another vendor’s data repository. TSG has certified Galaxy Data Warehouse for all required 16 Clinical Quality Measures (CQM) and 22 Automated Measure Calculations (AMC) and will adhere to Quality Reporting Standards.

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