Key Strengths

  • Private and confidential viewing of patient information from off-site locations such as home, outpatient clinic, or ancillary office
  • Clinical decision support with personalization
  • Built-in E-Sign component for physicians to be able to read, approve, and e-sign documents online
  • Unifies the patient chart
  • Usability experts ensure that the users do not have to be software experts

Features and Benefits

  • Provides a one-stop shop for instant and single click access to Pharmacy, Radiology, Transcription, Nursing, Lab, Order Entry, and Admissions information for a selected patient or visit; plus scanned images, patient allergies, and patient specific documents
  • Supports any browser or mobile device
  • Utilized by all health care providers
  • Two-way integrated messaging between physicians and medical records staff
  • Alerts for delinquent, ready to approve, and ready to e-sign charts
  • Ability to access hospital/specialty/physician-specific reference information online, from the same application
  • Problem List with current and historical/resolved problems