TSG EHR Suite v6.0.0 is comprised of:


Go green with a paperless office by implementing TSG’s Electronic Document Management System. Electronic Document Management is one of the key steps on your journey to the implementation of an EHR; resulting in health records being available online, reducing the cost of paperwork, and increasing accessibility of information. Billions of dollars every year can be saved with the implementation of an electronic document management system. TSG has the solution that you’re looking for.

Interdisciplinary Clinical Documentation Portal (ICDP)

TSG’s ICDP has been certified for: being used to record smoking status, document vital signs, BMI, growth charts, record and provide a copy of the patient’s discharge information, record advanced directives, record and provide a copy of the patient’s discharge information, and record immunization administration record.


To fulfil the menu set PI requirement, EHR must enable users to electronically transfer a patient summary record to other providers and organizations. CCD/CCR meets the following PI Requirement: Inpatient Specific Modules – Section 170.306

Astro Interface Engine

The Astro Interface Engine is a Message broker engine which is designed for structured data messaging and integration supporting HL7, XML, ASCII text, flat files etc. TSG offers profound integration capabilities that connect disparate systems, synchronize data, accelerate movement of data and automate processes. The Astro Interface Engine is able to extract data from various HIS Systems using the most efficient methodology.

Key Strengths

  • Private and confidential viewing of patient information from off-site locations such as home, outpatient clinic, or ancillary office
  • Clinical decision support with personalization
  • Built-in E-Sign component for physicians to be able to read, approve, and e-sign documents online
  • Unifies the patient chart
  • Usability experts ensure that the users do not have to be software experts

Features and Benefits

  • Provides a one-stop shop for instant and single click access to Pharmacy, Radiology, Transcription, Nursing, Lab, Order Entry, and Admissions information for a selected patient or visit; plus scanned images, patient allergies, and patient specific documents
  • Supports any browser or mobile device
  • Utilized by all health care providers
  • Two-way integrated messaging between physicians and medical records staff
  • Alerts for delinquent, ready to approve, and ready to e-sign charts
  • Ability to access hospital/specialty/physician-specific reference information online, from the same application
  • Problem List with current and historical/resolved problems