TSG EHR Suite v6.0.0 is comprised of:

Physician/Provider Portal

The success of the technology of a healthcare facility all depends on physician adoption. With the increasing adoption of the internet, iPhone, and iPad user, physicians are looking for a browser-based solution that will provide all the tools they need right at their fingertips. They want something easy to use that thinks in terms of their workflow, a solution that is all-encompassing and can be accessed securely and conveniently from anywhere.

The Shams Group’s Physician/Provider Portal accomplishes all of these functionalities, as well as being MU Certified for Stage One and Stage Two requirements and certified for all security modules as mandated. With this system, physicians can maintain an active medication list, incorporate lab results, and keep an up-to-date problem list.


Studies have shown that CPOE could prevent as many as three million errors within healthcare facilities each year. It reduces patients’ length of stay, repeat tests, and turnaround times for labs, pharmacies, and radiology requests, all while delivering cost savings.

The Shams Group’s CPOE was built with the HIMSS Usability Guidelines in mind. This results in a highly physician/clinician -centric application that is easy-to-use, has great patient safety touch points, and can be navigated using a desktop or iPad. Using Multum’s knowledge base and our alert engine, it provides extensive clinical decision support and can be personalized at the user level to meet the needs of any physician. It is intuitive and browser-driven, ensuring that healthcare providers can fulfill all of their needs easily and efficiently.

TSG’s CPOE has been certified for drug–drug and drug–allergy interaction checks, drug formulary checks, medication reconciliation (add-on feature), computerized provider order entry, and clinical decision support. CPOE also contains certified security modules as mandated by MU requirements.

Patient Portal

Reduce your workload, lower your costs, and leave your patients smiling. The Shams Group’s Patient Portal transforms patients into active consumers by allowing them to seek real-time information, participate in their healthcare progress, and stay connected with your organization. We combine information and services in a new patient-friendly way using scalable web architecture that is flexible enough to meet the needs of any organization.

TSG’s Patient Portal MU certification now allows us to record patient demographics, provide patients with an electronic copy of their health information, provide patient-specific education resourced, and provide a summary of care record for referrals or transitions of care. Patient Portal is also certified for all MU security modules.


Go green with a paperless office by implementing TSG’s Electronic Document Management System. Electronic document management is one of the key steps on your journey to the implementation of an EHR, allowing you to provide health records online, reducing paperwork costs, and increasing the accessibility of information. By implementing our Electronic Document Management System, you can save billions of dollars every year.

Interdisciplinary Clinical Documentation Portal (ICDP)

The Shams Group’s ICDP is certified for documenting vital signs, recording smoking statuses, documenting BMI and growth charts, recording and providing patient discharge information, recording advanced directives, and recording immunization administration records.


To fulfill the menu set MU requirements, an EHR must enable users to electronically transfer a patient summary record to other providers and organizations. TSG’s CCD/CCR meets the MU Requirement for Inpatient Specific Modules (Section 170.306).

Astro Interface Engine

The Shams Group’s Astro Interface Engine is a message broker engine designed for structured data messaging and integration supporting HL7, XML, ASCII text, flat files, and more. We offer profound integration capabilities that connect disparate systems, synchronize data, accelerate movement of data, and automate processes. The Astro Interface Engine is able to extract data from various HIS Systems using the most efficient methodologies.

Certified MU Modules
Physician/Provider portal meets Meaningful Use 2 requirement:
Core objectives (#7) – §170.314(d)(4)

  • Providers will be able to add an addendum to a patients Electronic Health Record
  • Patients will be able to electronically request changes to their Electronic Health Record
  • Providers will be able to electronically accept or deny the patient’s request

Core objectives (#8) – §170.314(b)(5) – Incorporate laboratory test results

  • Imports LAB data from Meditech and displays it to clinicians. Provides Trending and graphing capabilities
  • Electronically displays the tests and values/results received in human readable format

Menu objectives (#2) – §170.314(a)(9) – Record electronic notes in patient records

  • Users to have the ability to electronically record, Change, access and search electronic notes

Menu objectives (#3) – §170.314(a)(12) – Imaging results and information are accessible through Certified EHR Technology.

    • Imaging – Electronically indicate to a user the availability of a patient’s images and any explanation or other accompanying information (relating to the radiographic or other diagnostic test(s)). The user’s credentials are auto verified and the image displays from the PACS system using the PACS system web viewer

Key Strengths

  • Private and confidential viewing of patient information from off-site locations such as home, outpatient clinic, or ancillary office
  • Clinical decision support with personalization
  • Built-in E-Sign component for physicians to be able to read, approve, and e-sign documents online
  • Unifies the patient chart
  • Usability experts ensure that the users do not have to be software experts

Features and Benefits

  • Provides a one-stop shop for instant and single click access to Pharmacy, Radiology, Transcription, Nursing, Lab, Order Entry, and Admissions information for a selected patient or visit; plus scanned images, patient allergies, and patient specific documents
  • Supports any browser or mobile device
  • Utilized by all health care providers
  • Two-way integrated messaging between physicians and medical records staff
  • Alerts for delinquent, ready to approve, and ready to e-sign charts
  • Ability to access hospital/specialty/physician-specific reference information online, from the same application
  • Problem List with current and historical/resolved problems