ACO (Accountable Care Organizations) Portal

To succeed as Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), providers need new technology solutions — ones that will help them manage a population, as well as individual patients. EMRs and related technologies are critical elements in the IT landscape of an ACO, but they are not sufficient in and of themselves. To realize its vision, an ACO must deploy multi-level clinical analytics, clinical decision support, and portal technologies. When properly executed, these solutions can be easily managed, even in the midst of other clinical IT projects.

“I’ve recently implemented an ACO, and it can be a headache. Can you help me?”

Our Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) Portal helps you by doing the following:

  • Coordinates and enhances care, and lowers the cost of providing care, resulting in optimum outcome
  • Integrates data between all providers within an ACO
  • Provides you with various elements to coordinate your care across the continuum, increasing efficiency
  • Consolidates patient statements
  • Integrates SharePoint to facilitate better knowledge management
  • Opens channels of communications to provide for better collaboration among organizations
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