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TSG’s CPOE Portal is an advanced clinical application that enables providers to enter orders for medications, clinical laboratory tests, radiology exams, and any other procedures directly into a computer, or on-the-go using a tablet device.

CPOE Physician Dashboard

CPOE consists of a dashboard driven, order processing, closed loop solution between physicians, clinicians, and pharmacy to ensure a high degree of order coordination, completion, and delivery of care. The system comes with full integration to ancillary applications (LIS, RIS, etc.) for order communication and completion. Our advanced features include point-of-care clinical decision support, checks, and warnings for overdoses, duplicate therapy, drug-drug and drug-allergy interactions, drug to disease, and pregnancy and lactation.

TSG’s CPOE Portal can substantially improve the safety of medical care by reducing errors and bringing evidence-based decision support at the point of care.

Certified MU Modules
Meeting MU objective using the CPOE:

In MU Stage 2 Medication Reconciliation is part of Clinical Information Reconciliation (CIR). CIR has problem reconciliation, allergy reconciliation and Medication reconciliation. TSG has been certified for MU Stage 2 in CIR along with eRx (Electronic Prescription module)

  • e-RX 170.314(b)(3) is implemented using NCPDP script transaction standards. The main purpose of eRx is to create a consistent standard for transmitting information between pharmacies, prescriber and payers as required by state pharmacy acts
  • CPOE / CDS 170.314(a)(1) 170.314(a)(2) 170.314(a)(8) 170.204(b)(1) 170.204(b)(2) is a browser based portal application that is integrated with our physicians portal that has features like Order Entry, Medication Orders entry, intelligent Clinical decision support alerts, favorite order-sets, diagnosis based order sets, bi-directional integration with HIS system (Meditech), collaborative workflow based architecture for pharmacy/ providers and nurses
    • Ability to edit, verify, renew, reorder, review, acknowledge, cancel, hold, resume, deactivate, reactive, discontinue and complete orders from CPOE based on defined workflow
    • We have role-based workflows for managing orders for nurses/unit-clerks/providers. Bi-directional data integration status/progress can be viewed from a web portal
    • For Medication orders we have various immediate alerts/evidence based interaction alerts/event-driven alerts
      • Drug-to-Drug interaction
      • Drug Duplication
      • Drug-to-Disease interaction
      • Dose Range checking
      • Drug Allergy and Allergic cross-reactivity
      • Pregnancy and Lactation precautions which alerts provider about contradicted drugs prior to ordering
      • Cultural Competency alert for ordering blood products
      • Acute Myocardial Infarction related alerts on discharge medication orders
      • Ability to show/link to reference documentation as the basis of alert
      • Ability to override alerts for patient or orders is available in our solution
      • Other evidence based decision support interventions based on the patient’s problems list, medication/medication-allergy, demographics, Laboratory Tests/results, vital signs etc.
      • User and Roles based subscription for alerts based on severity level is available in our solution

Medication Reconciliation module 170.314(b)(4)
Reconciliation is done to avoid any discrepancies: omissions, duplications, adjustments, deletions, and additions. It should be done throughout the continuum of care:

  • At the time of entry to the hospital or admission
  • When patient’s care is transferred within the hospital
  • When a patient is referred or transferred from one hospital to another or
  • When a patient leaves the hospital care
  • Medications from Patient Portal and CPOE are presented side by side for selection and reconciliation
  • Differences in same drug data are displayed in red
  • Only one instance of medication will be added to the Current MEDs list

Our solutions are certified for security and privacy requirements of MU Stage 2 certification. HIPAA provides federal protections for PHI held by covered entities and gives patients an array of rights with respect to that information. At the same time, the Privacy Rule is balanced so that it permits the disclosure of personal health information needed for patient care and other important purposes. Information Security is very important to make sure only permitted users have access to the PHI based on the user or recipient’s role. In addition to this our solution has the ability to transmit electronic health information with encryption (AES 128 bits, 192 bits, 256 bits and Triple DEA) to maintain integrity, we also have auto log off, emergency access mechanism, detailed Audit logs and access control/Authentication to restrict/identify/track user identifier. Communication protocol used by our EHR suite is HTTPS/SSL via internet.

TSG EHR Suite is certified for these modules under Security criterion 170.314(d)(4) 170.314(d)(2) 170.314(d)(3) 170.314(d)(7) 170.314(d)(1) 170.314(d)(5) 170.314(d)(6) 170.314(d)(8) 170.314(d)(9) 170.210e(1) 170.210e(2) 170.210e(3) 170.210(a)(1) 170.210(a) 170.210(d)


  • Private and confidential viewing of patient information from off-site locations such as your home, an outpatient clinic, or an ancillary office
  • Clinical decision support with personalization options
  • Built-in E-Sign component for physicians to be able to read, approve, and sign documents online
  • Unifies patient charts
  • Usability experts ensure that the users do not have to be software experts

CPOE Nursing Dashboard

TSG’s CPOE Nursing Dashboard is a web-based solution where multiple users can view and process order that originate in CPOE. It is designed to facilitate and expedite the patient procedure and drug ordering process. The moment a physician enters an order into CPOE, it is immediately available for a nurse to review, acknowledge, or complete. With the comfort, convenience, and intelligence of the work queue, nurses are always aware when an order that requires attention is assigned to any patient. Orders can be simply acknowledged, acted upon, put on hold for addition information gathering, or processed immediately if the order is urgent or incomplete. All of this is possible with simple fingertip functionality that allows nurses to complete a CPOE-related task.

Pharmacy CPOE Dashboard

TSG’s Pharmacy CPOE Dashboard is a web-based solution in which multiple users can view orders that originate vie paper or CPOE; essentially the synergistic bridge between paper orders and CPOE orders. It is designed to facilitate order processing for pharmacies during a CPOE transition, which usually takes place over multiple years. It is an excellent tool for increasing pharmacy staff productivity using an intelligent order management system after your CPOE implementation. It will solve your multiple order flow issues, duplicate order issues, and will make the transition to CPOE smoother and error free.

All orders sent through the Pharmacy Dashboard end up in an intelligent, centralized queue for fast, effective order processing by pharmacy staff. Orders are then efficiently worked and filed through this process. This tool is also effective for hospitals lacking staff 24/7 that are assisted by remote pharmacies in the order fulfillment process during off hours.