Medical Dictation and Transcription Software

Medical Dictation and Transcription Software

ETranscriptor, TSG’s dictation and transcription software, comes equipped with options such as partial transcription services and ezDication, our digital dictation system. This unique set of tools can be provided in its entirety or broken down into separate components according to your needs.

The workflow for the ETranscriptor Suite is based on the complete integration with MEDITECH Magic or a client server, PCI, EMR, and other healthcare information systems. It is used in medical records, radiology, physician offices, and other departments where transcription is required. The Suite is HIPAA compliant, ensuring a full range of security measures and confidentiality.

TSG is offering a complete suite of Transcription solutions that fall under three categories:

Features and Benefits

  • Complete control over technology and service option selections with all users working in the same system regardless of their location
  • Workflow-based, multi-point integration with HIS/EMR for different data elements such as ADT, exams, orders, reports, result codes, follow-up codes, and doctors
  • Executive dashboard for job status monitoring
  • Automatic intelligent report distribution mechanism
  • Online report access
  • Customized reports
  • Flexibility to select in-house hosting or hosting on TSG’s site for dictation server
  • Web-based front end for physicians and health records administrators to access, manage, and track dictated jobs anytime, anywhere with a web browser
  • Physician workflow available for 24/7 dictation, including support via web for handheld PDA devices and digital recorders (e.g. Sony MSV Digital Recorder, Philips DPM 9600 Series)
  • Doctors dictate by dialing an 800-number OR they can record on a digital voice recorder and upload to the secure location hosted by TSG or their facility
  • Physicians’ existing workflow and process for report dictation is emulated to provide consistency of workflow process
  • Customization options for phone keys
  • New system is built according to current workflow processes within the organization, so doctors do not have to change current workflow
  • Complete integration with our transcription platform (physician ID, document type, job ID, etc.) to provide a one-stop shop for facility’s medical transcription needs
  • 24-hour email helpdesk

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