Transcription Management, Distribution & Workflow System

ETranscriptor is a web-based workflow that can be downloaded from any remote location, designed to meet all your current and future medical transcription needs. This program is designed for high productivity, cost efficiency, quick report turnaround time, high quality and accuracy, and seamless integration with MEDITECH. This workflow starts with ADT and flows all the way to PCI/EMR — all without compromising patient care.


There is no difference between in-house or remote transcription workflow; authorized access available from virtually anywhere, all within the same system. As an added benefit, The Shams Group offers 24/7 coverage and personalized customer support.

Features and Benefits

  • Web-enabled application with web-based portal
  • Option for an in-house server, or hosting by TSG
  • Two-way integration with MEDITECH Magic, Client/Server (PCI/EMR) and other HCIS systems for all key data elements (e.g. linking of reports to patient, doctor, exam, order, etc.)
  • User authentication and audit-trail for accessing and editing data
  • Real-time executive dashboard for monitoring job status and line count calculations; also includes management and productivity reports
  • Full support of any third-party vendor for AutoText or spell check dictionaries
  • Role-based authentication for different levels of access to data and monitoring for HIPAA Compliance
  • Authorized and secure (SSL) access to the web protocol and secure access to the server
  • Secure, authenticated access for hospital staff for editing/monitoring the data
  • Productivity tracking and management reports for users and administrative staff
  • Leverage MS Word functionality with easy web-based viewing of reports and e-sign by physicians through the web portal
  • Immediate access to the end-users for automatic report distribution; allows for print, fax, and email options, and facilitates publishing reports on the web
  • Smart workflow includes validating functions that limit access under certain conditions (i.e. not allowing physicians to bypass flagged sections of transcripts unless they are reviewed)
  • Supports all medical devices
  • Typing productivity tools for enhancing output by over twenty-five percent

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