Enterprise-Wide Document Imaging & Archiving Portal

Most healthcare organizations have recognized that the development of a legal Electronic Medical Record (EMR) should take place parallel to the development of effective Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions. While both of these systems maintain certain similarities, they differ in terms of the court of law, the constitution of a legal record, and how to successfully build one.

TSG’s Galactica E-HIM suite supports your EHR strategy by capturing patient documents from a variety of source systems to create a longitudinal record across multiple file and content types (i.e. video, audio, documents, unstructured data, structured data, and more). We offer a number of scanning and content capturing solutions to index all paper, audio, video and image based records that exist across your organization, beginning with the conversion of patient records using smart batch scanning and indexing designed to auto-capture scanned documents at point of service. We also offer a content/object capture engine that automatically captures and indexes any output from any application or diagnostic system, making it available as part of the legal record in near real-time to users across the enterprise.

Paperless Hospital


The Galactica document archiving system includes the following convenient features:

  • Documents and other content turned into digital images
  • Content indexed into an integrated subject mode for fast and easy retrieval
  • User login information integrated with HIS system
  • Ability to print, fax, and email documents
  • Multiple search options
  • Ability to add annotations to scanned documents and other content


Once you have implemented Galactica into your healthcare organization’s already existing EHR model, you can achieve greater efficiency and boost workflow. Many of today’s EHR systems contain gaps where data still resides on paper or outside of the EHR, leading to a number of redundancies and inefficiencies. By eliminating these issues with Galactica, you waste less time and money on the storage and retrieval of essential health information.

TSG’s Galactica is surprisingly affordable, especially when compared with similar systems from other healthcare providers. Additionally, we work directly with our clients to ensure a model that is unique to each organization’s financial situation.