Paperless Hospital

Hospitals are drowning in paper; the more traditional the HIS application, the more paper documents are being generated. Due to both regulatory and business needs, hospitals’ data and documents double on an average of every twenty months. Most of these documents are initially paper, and are converted into discrete data over five years. Paperless hospital environments drastically cut down the manual copying, filing, and storage costs. The Shams Group has designed a powerful, highly robust, and automated error-free document imaging software.

Our Electronic Document Management System is an enterprise-wide departmental workflow-based electronic document imaging and legal archiving solution that seamlessly connects and integrates all available scanned and electronic documents with HIS Systems. For patient-based indexing, it associates images with patient unit and visit numbers and identifies them under proper document categories. For non-patient based indexing and workflow, we have developed robust integration to index with employees for HR, invoices, and vendors for AP/MM, etc. It stores the images for later viewing using role-based security access and provides the ability to fax or email any archived document. Documents can also be protected from unauthorized access and alteration to enhance risk management.

Improve the productivity and bottom line of your facility by automating both data and document workflow across your organization. You can gain control by digitizing paper at the point of service for real-time access. TSG’S Electronic Document Management System empowers your staff by automating your data, documents, and objects into an intelligence, easy-to-use system.