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One of the biggest challenges of any Healthcare Information System is to present a complete account of patient health experiences in an accurate, organized, concise, electronic health record using clinical documentation. Most legacy clinical documentation applications are cumbersome, time consuming, and take time away from patient care.

TSG’s Interdisciplinary Clinical Documentation Portal (ICDP) accommodates the unique needs of clinicians by providing them with the tools to spend less time on the computer and more time on patient care.

Certified PI Modules
Core Objectives (#3) §170.314(a)(4): Vital signs, body mass index, and growth charts

  • Record and chart changes in vital signs:
  • Height/length
  • Weight
  • Blood pressure (BP) (age 3+)
  • Calculate and display BMI
  • Plot and display growth charts for patients 0-20 years, including BMI

TSG’s Interdisciplinary Clinical Documentation Portal (ICDP) can be used to document Vital signs, BMI and Growth Charts.

Core Objectives (#4) §170.314(a)(11): Smoking status
Record smoking status for patients 13 years old or older.

  • TSG’s Interdisciplinary Clinical Documentation Portal (ICDP) can be used to record smoking status
  • Enable a user to electronically record, change, and access the smoking status of a patient in accordance with the standard specified at § 170.207(h)

Core Objectives (#10) §170.314(a)(15): Patient specific education resources
Use CEHRT technology to identify and provide patient-specific educational resources.

  • TSG provides patient education resources through interfaces between Patient Portal, Meditech Nursing (NUR) or Patient Care System (PCS) with education vendors such as Truven Health, EBSCO Publishing or Thomson Reuters and Patient
    EDU — all of which can be integrated with ICDP Interdisciplinary Clinical Documentation Portal (ICDP) has been EHR certified for this objective
  • Patients can view the education leaflets that provide to them from Patient Portal
  • Providers can send a secure electronic message informing patients that educational resources are posted


  • Accommodate the unique and personalized needs of all clinicians across all disciplines as they conduct their daily activities of providing patient care
  • Present patient care information in a clear, concise, organized manner
  • Provide clinicians with the tools necessary to spend less time on the computer and more time on quality patient care
  • Easy, swift, maneuverability and intelligent data capture
  • Point and click tools that support patient care practices, complete processes, and rapid organized data capture
  • Eliminate redundancy and non-value added work
  • Improve caregiver efficiency

Features and Benefits

  • Convenient access to ICDP from the portal Home page
  • Auto-login of the user’s credentials
  • Leading letter search for the intervention by name or mnemonic
  • Ability to place documents in a preliminary, draft, or final status
  • Required queries do not have to be completed to set document statuses
  • Documents may be edited until they have reached final status
  • Documents may be cancelled (cancellation reason is required)
  • Vital signs are trended, graphed, and flow back into the Physician/Provider Portal to the Flow Sheet tab
  • BMI is auto-calculated from the height and weight of a patient
  • Patient header includes height, weight, and BMI display for convenient review
  • Instructions for document discharge, along with the option to print or send to the patient
  • Easy access to patient education material using reference links and info buttons to access current problems, current medications, and final labs