Computer Output to Online Data (COLD)

TSG’s Computer Output to Online Data (COLD) functionality is a robust content integration, auto-indexing workflow management solution for automatic capture, storage, archiving, and retrieval of documents. This solution supports various healthcare systems such as Medhost, MEDITECH, Picis, Phillips, 3M, OB Trace View, Soft Script, Pyramis, Siemens, and many more.

The system supports over one hundred different document types and provides a centralized audit proof repository with powerful search-and-retrieval capabilities. It can support the document storage and archival needs of various departments, including administrative, financial, and clinical across the enterprise.  Information that is required by clinicians and other hospital users is securely available 24/7 based on authorization level.

COLD eliminates the costs of printing paper reports from various systems by forming one electronic copy of a Legal EMR in one system. This allows the facility to streamline business processes using workflows and ultimately increase effective patient care.


  • Secure portal technology
  • Retain and maximize current legacy systems
  • Seamless ability to extract, store, and retrieve client information
  • Integration of customer data
  • Reduction in operational cost, number of reports, and documents printed


  • Capture, catalog, archive, and distribute reports in various report formats such as ASCII, EBCDIC, text reports, mainframe reports, AS/400 reports, PCL, PDF, HTML, Excel, Word, etc.
  • Archive, index, and retrieval processes for historical enterprise reports and documents accessible via portal desktop
  • On-demand slicing and dicing of report information such as Aggregation, Queries, conversion to Excel/PDF, graph generation, etc., all via the portal desktop
  • Navigation and searching

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