Medical Record Scanning & Archiving

Organizations are recognizing that the development of a Legal Medical Record should take place parallel to the development of an EHR. Both have some similarities yet significant differences when it comes to the court of law, what constitutes a Legal Record, and how to successfully build one. TSG’s Galactica E-HIM suite supports your Electronic Health Records (EHR) strategy by capturing patient documents from a variety of document imaging systems, as well as integrate with a range of Health Information System (HIS) and making them available for Physicians, Medical Records, Clinicians, and Administrative staff members.

Starting with the conversion of paper-based patient records via smart batch scanning and indexing, to auto capture of scanned documents at point of service, TSG offers a number of scanning solutions to capture all paper-based records that still exist in your organization. We also offer a document capture engine where any output from any application or diagnostic system can be automatically captured, indexed, and made available in near real-time to users across the enterprise to be made part of the legal record.