EHR Legacy Data/Downtime Viewer

EHR Legacy Data/Downtime Viewer

Whether you are dealing with a planned downtime for system and hardware updates or an unpredictable one due to a power outage or natural disaster patient care must continue.

Our EHR Legacy Data/Downtime Viewer facilitates the effective management of patient data with real-time access and backup capabilities. Organizations can view or print accurate patient critical clinical and financial data enterprise wide during a downtime.


Business Continuity: Be prepared for planned or unplanned downtime

EHR Legacy Data/Downtime Viewer (Data Archive Viewing and Downtime Solution)

Fully integrated browser-based archive viewing application that allows users to view clinical and financial information.

The portal allows users to access a wide variety of patient data, even during downtime. Through the use of EHR Legacy Data/Downtime Viewer, you will no longer have to print patient charts and other critical information in preparation for a downtime.

EHR Legacy Data / Downtime View


  • Dictionary Sync with Meditech and any EHR
  • Displays data from any source system
  • Role Mapping
  • Community Reference Lab Results View
  • The Portal can deploy quickly and easily to remote users when needed
  • True real-time access and backup solution in case hospital is offline – stores real-time and purged data from EHR system for data retention
  • Integrate with any document imaging system
  • Browser-based interface, easy and fast deployment to user PC, tablets or smart phones
  • Easy-to-use navigation requires minimal training
  • Run on any device, from any OS, from anywhere
  • Centralized location to view patient information from different facility databases
  • Data automatically sync back into EHR (with one click)
  • Downtime forms repository
  • Tracking/Compliance
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Automated alerts for user specified events
  • *End User faxing directly from the portal
  • *Secure Cloud/Hosted solution
  • Interop Portal to launch from existing EHR


Financial Modules Clinical Modules
  • Admissions
  • Abstracting information
  • Billing and detailed transactions
  • Laboratory reports
  • Pharmacy drugs and Rx information
  • Nursing documentation and notes
  • Order entry
  • Transcribed reports

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EHR Legacy Data/Downtime Viewer

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