ezFaxWorkflow Faxing Solutions – Are you still faxing manually?

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Are you still faxing manually?

Manual fax machine… Consume too much money… Consume too much time… and Too much staff productivity

ezFaxWorkflow from TSG eliminates following Manual faxing issues:

  • Possibility of hardware failure, such as paper jams and other critical malfunctions
  • Dealing with fax repair request, purchasing ink and other fax machine related supplies
  • Lack of integration/automation between fax machines and your business applications
  • Speed of transmission limitations over phone lines and limited number of phone lines
  • Standalone fax machines processes lack tracking and security of incoming and outgoing transmissions

Digital Faxing Solutions – ezFaxWorkflow from TSG saves cost and increases faxing capability by:

  • Providing high availability/uptime of faxing service
  • Eliminating manual fax machines and their associated expenses like software, paper, toner, separate phone lines and maintenance
  • Increasing staff productivity by providing faxing capabilities at their fingertips; without having to go to a fax machine, and then wait for confirmation that the transmission has finished
  • Tracking of all faxes, inbound and outbound
  • Enforcing privacy by routing faxes electronically from sender and to recipients, thus reducing the risk of sensitive information sitting out in open or picked up by unauthorized persons.
  • Reclaiming IT time and focus spent on fax related maintenance
  • Reducing issues/headaches/delays of faxing due to issues like out of paper, ink, paper jam etc
  • Automatic/electronic incoming fax distribution
  • Automatic faxing from business applications
  • Eliminating investment in fax hardware and fax phone lines
  • Completely customizable workflows for managing every aspect of faxing for your organization
  • And more