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Fax Automation – How does it work?

faxing automation

Inbound faxing

Receive Fax
Faxes are sent to one or more virtual fax number (existing physical fax numbers can be ported as virtual fax numbers) by senders and they are then received in a workflow associated with each individual fax number.

Manage Fax
Every workflow has a User Interface (UI) dashboard specific to the workflow that shows the details of the incoming fax as well as the document. The details include sender info, date/time and more.

The administrator can authorize which users/user groups will have access to which workflow.

Distribute Fax
Using this dashboard, authorized users can then review faxes, print them, email them, mark them complete, trash them, download/save them or move/copy them to another workflow or move them to an individual user inbox if it belongs there.

Individual users can also receive faxes as an email directly if they have a dedicated fax number associate with their email address.

Outbound Faxing

Receive Documents to Fax
Business applications can be setup to send reports/documents to be faxed to one of the integrated connectors of ezFaxWorkflow. Virtual printer is a universal connector that exposes ezFaxWorkflow to any business application. It appears like a regular printer to the applications and the applications can be setup to automatically or manually print whatever needs to be faxed to this virtual printer. Other modes of sending documents/information to be faxed include HL7, XML, SQL, file exports and more.

Automated logic continuously monitors for documents that are being sent to fax and imports them into a workflow. On import, the document content is parsed and configurable rules are used to determine recipients whom the document should be faxed to.

Manage documents to fax
A UI dashboard displays all documents to be faxed per business application and it also shows who they will be faxed to and the fax transmission status. One document may be faxed to multiple recipients. Using this dashboard, authorized users can add more recipients, correct fax phone numbers, resend faxes if the recipient phone was busy and faxing times out after specified retry attempts, cancel fax transmission and much more.

The outbound faxing workflow has programming checks built in to avoid multiple transmission of the same document to the same recipient.

Send Fax
Each fax to be sent is transmitted individually with recipient phone number to the SaaS fax infrastructure who will then fax it. Success/failure/retry attempts for each fax is relayed back to the UI dashboard to keep users informed of activity status of the fax transmission.