Human Resources Workflow

TSG’s Electronic Document Management System improves productivity and increases workflow by allowing an organization to eliminate all paper within the Human Resources department, as well as replacing all paper correspondence between Management, HR, and the employees. From resumes and performance appraisals to changes in benefits, all correspondence can be done with digital forms. Once completed, the forms are indexed and stored in each employee folder, or other organized HR folders, for later retrieval. Documents can also be linked to an applicant or a job code, so once an applicant is hired all of the documents automatically move to the employee file.
TSG’s Electronic Document Management for Human Resources has four different workflows to take advantage of:

Health Chart Workflow – Within the Health Chart Workflow, department supervisors can be granted access to employee documents. The Workflow allows users to scan and few in an integrated mode from any screen in the HR application, as well as automatically purging documents based on specified retention rules. A built-in HR User Mailbox workflow also allows the payroll and HR departments to share related documents and back-scan to preserve old employee records.

Employee Chart Workflow – The Employee Chart workflow is a seamless tool created for HR users that automatically associates departmental documents that are being scanned and linked with an appropriate HR chart section defined by the rules of the business. For example, badge forms, IDs, changes of address, handbook receipts, orientation checklists, and miscellaneous employment documents would automatically be linked under the ‘Employment Information’ section. Documents such as direct deposits, sick pay, bonus slips, w4 info, and wage increase slips would be linked under the ‘Compensation Information’ section. This automatic linking of documents can be defined by the workflow-based rules set by each respective organization. This workflow enables the HR department to assign each user or group of users specific permissions on document types and chart sections of the employee record, allowing for better management and greater task efficiency.

Applicant Workflow – Scan and link received electronic, or paper-based employment applications and other documents in TSG’s Electronic Document Management System. These documents can be automatically indexed to applicant ID, job code, title, and department ID. This workflow establishes a unique applicant database that assists departmental leads in searching and reviewing available employment applications for potential candidates.

Compensation and Benefit Workflow – This workflow enables managers to make fast, informed workforce compensation decisions and carry them out — all online. Managers have easy access to total workforce compensation and benefit information, as well as third-party benchmarking and salary surveys, allowing them to request or perform salary changes. The payroll storal embedded into this workflow provides self-service compensation and a benefit management tool that allows users to view documents related to reports from a central location, child support, salary, cash components such as bonuses, and non-cash items such as retirement contributions. Managers can also request, review, or grant base salary increases for employees, which are automatically routed for approval during targeted review periods or on an ad-hoc basis. The workflow also provides a confidential mailbox, alerts, and security access to view employee compensation and benefit documents that are archived in the Electronic Document Management System.

Scanning Workflow for HR

The Shams Group’s Galactica HR option allows an organization to scan all paper, and capture data and documents within an HR department to automate its workflow. It also offers additional workflow for automating communication and correspondence between management and HR. It significantly transforms the workflow between HR, Management, and Employees, reducing stress and improving productivity. Automate your HR workflow and eliminate manual processes by leveraging automated routing, approval, and tracking mechanisms. Not only does this save time, but it also increases employee productivity and assures accountability.

We can boost the functionality of your business applications by seamlessly integrating our document imaging software with your existing HR management system. Our scanning workflow provides secure access to critical HR documents and compliance guidelines by restricting access and tracking changes through robust security privileges. Documents can be scanned and linked to the corresponding applicant or job code. Once an applicant is hired, all the documents automatically move to each employee’s respective file. The documents linked to certain job codes can then be retrieved if the job opens up again at a later date.

Key Features:

  • Allows department heads limited access pertaining to their employee documents only
  • Scanning and viewing available in an integrated mode from any screen in the application
  • Automatically purges documents based on the specified retention rules
  • Built-in HR User Mailbox workflow allows payroll and HR departments to share related documents
  • Back-scans and keeps old employee records without spending too much time
  • Intuitive web-based reporting tool manages scanning and viewing audits

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