HR Employee App

HR Employee App

HR Employee App

Manage everything and stay up to date on all important HR information straight from your smartphone.

Increase employment engagement, reach your employees with our employee app with easy access to corporate information and workplace tools. HR professionals have to deal with enormous amount of data related to employee records, eliminate all paper correspondence between HR and employees, using this app will enable employees to receive notifications, access information such as payment slips, W-2, Policies, Benefits and Schedules and more all from their mobile device.


  • Can be customized to combine Employee HR Access and Patient Access content for hospital, surgery center, clinic and other facility data into one app.
  • Educational and condition-specific knowledge base and content.
  • The App is programmed to display dynamic screens, which are highly customizable, making it easier for users to include new features/functions for your hospital employees, doctors and patients.


  • Employee Document Management
  • Provides smartphones/tablet apps for portal access, notification, reminders and communication
  • Offers Analytics
  • Find doctors in your network
  • Secure communication


  • Security levels can be changed at any time to allow access, and only credentialed users can access sensitive HR information.
  • Important and confidential data can be accessed easily on all mobile devices by HR at any time.
  • Data encryption protects the integrity of confidential data.

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