Patient Check-in and Registration Kiosk

Patient Check-in and Registration Kiosk

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A KIOSK Above the Rest

Patient Registration, Billing, Downtime and More

Our iPad-based Patient Kiosk application, for patient registration and check-in, is just one component of our Mobile Solutions Platform (MSP). We’ve developed front-end applications on both HTML & iOS – creating a familiar and pleasant experience on both an iPad or traditional ATM-like Kiosk.

The underlying technology is what transforms our simple app into an extremely dynamic and robust, secure cloud-based/hosted platform, comprised of the following:

  • A Forms Generation Engine – Allows TSG to easily personalize each and every element on every screen (fields, buttons, dropdowns, checkboxes, text, voice files; etc.) to create custom workflows from bottom-up.
  • A Rule-based Workflow Engine – To automate and drive workflows with intelligent business rules and logic.
  • A Database Engine – Uses open database technology for alerts, triggers and BI analytics capabilities.
  • An Integration Engine – For multi-layer integration with any Electronic Health Record.
  • Real-time Master Patient Index Database Synchronization – For speedy MPI search at the kiosk level, and support for EHR downtime.


TSG’s Patient Kiosk solution is a customer-centric differentiator that will not only empower your patients, but also improve your overall cash-flow and lower cost of doing business.


Enhanced Data Capture

  • Self-service driven data collection from home using web services; allows you to enhance data capture and keep patient’s demographic data current
  • Facilitate quick touch-based clinical data capture: reason for visit, patient condition, medical history/ assessment, and other triage related information

Automated Insurance Eligibility Checking

  • Online real-time or batch Insurance Eligibility Checking
  • Capture benefit verification to streamline patient access
  • Flexible solution that integrates with your revenue cycle workflow

Automated Co-Pay Collection Upfront

  • Credit card based online collection to enhance cash flow
  • Significant reduction of back-end collection cost



  • TSG’s Patient Kiosk can support translations for any major language, including: French, Spanish, Urdu, Chinese Mandarin and more
  • Facilitate quick touch-based clinical data capture: reason for visit, patient condition, medical history/ assessment, and other triage related information

Self Pre-Registration from the Comfort of Home

  • Web-based access services from home or anywhere with secure internet access; allows patients of all ages and types to take their time and get engaged early in the healthcare process, with a sense of empowerment throughout

Replace Irritation with Satisfaction

  • At busy locations, long lines create frustrations for both staff and patients
  • A kiosk allows staff to move from primarily capturing patient data, to more patient management flow functions. As a result of data capture being done by as many patients as possible, patient access staff can focus on reviewing and completing the data and enhancing customer satisfaction

Easy to Use/User-Friendly

  • Our touch based applications are intuitive in nature and do not require patients to learn a new application. It literally “walks and talks” to them, providing all the necessary navigation tools to complete the registration, eligibility and collection process in the most pleasant manner. They will enjoy the experience, feeling they are a part of the healthcare delivery system


TSG’s Kiosk Solution Delivers Process Improvements which Includes:

  • Reduce per-patient registration cost by up to 50%
  • Automated insurance eligibility & co-pay collection up-front

Our Patient Kiosk

  • Capture any data in discrete format
  • Secure Patient Identification
  • Digitized forms with e-signature capability
  • Quick patient identification (health card or driver’s license)
  • Collect balances upfront based on rules
  • Image capture of driver’s license and insurance cards
  • Payment collection
  • Health Card validation & Automated insurance eligibility checking
  • Live chat
  • "Avatar Button" to call personnel
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Voice narration
  • Wayfinding assistance
  • Handicap accessible
  • Online access from home via secure internet browser
  • Printing of forms, patient wristbands, tags and more


Integration Experts – The Shams Group has been working with Hospitals and Health Systems for more than 25 years and has integrated with more than 80 different systems, platforms, versions and modules. Our product comes with a pre-built integration engine that supports the HL7 protocol, SQL to SQL protocol. For Meditech hospitals, we provide an Interface Engine (Astro) and Meditech adapter that is capable of extracting data from MEDITECH and uploading data back into MEDITECH. No interfaces need to be purchased from MEDITECH.

We have developed interfaces with Cerner, NextGen, All Scripts, Trakcare, MEDITECH all versions, McKesson and many other EHR/EMR/HIS solutions. We integrate with hospital information systems as well as physician practice management systems.

Downtime Registration Solution – Additionally, we go a step further and download your entire Master Person Index (MPI). Therefore, our solution can act as a mini registration module that offers you a down-time mechanism. When your EHR or an existing registration module is down, you don’t have to resort to paper. Patients can continue registering at the kiosks, and when the system is back up, everything is automatically synchronized, thus allowing you to capture crucial admissions information and have it immediately available for your staff. Once the HIS system is live everything is transferred automatically to it.

  • Register patients electronically, eliminating paper logging and manual data input into the HIS system
  • Scanned driver’s licenses, ID, insurance cards and any other patient document during the downtime registration process will automatically transmit to the HIS System
  • Customized field to accommodate your organization’s workflow needs necessary for a patient to be admitted
  • Risk of generating duplicate medical record numbers during downtime decreases


  • The time to complete the entire process will go from 26 minutes to 2 minutes – a 90% reduction.
  • The overall cost of registration per patient will drop by 50% thus allowing the organization to handle more patient volume with the same number of staff – simultaneously enhancing patient satisfaction.


Highly Flexible

  • Personalize your own workflows for each of your admitting
  • Personalize the look and feel

Easily Manageable

  • Empower your local administrators
  • Audit trails
  • Transparency of data

Protect the Privacy of Your Patients

  • Not only does our secure patient identification process ensure data security, but our onscreen privacy filter will make certain that each Kiosk transaction can only be seen by the patient standing directly in front of our Kiosk.

    In addition, if a Kiosk transaction is left idle for a defined time limit, a screen saver is triggered. This inhibits unintentional exposure of patient information

Integration With Any HIS/EHR System

  • Bi-directional interfaces, including: ADM, MPI, Eligibility Checks, Orders, etc.
  • Integration of forms, driver’s license, & insurance information to patient chart/document archiving system



  • Touch-based, easy to adopt, zero training solution
  • Smaller footprint for quick & easy deployment
  • Low IT cost & easy maintenance, repairs, & replacement
  • Preferred computing platform by patients & professionals

Furthermore, there are numerous mounting options including: full-stand, tabletop mount, wall mount, hand-held, or virtually anywhere you see fit.

What Our Customers Say About Us

RN Application Consultant, Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH)…

“TSG’s Self-Service Kiosk improved patient waiting time and their involvement in Electronic Health Record. Customizable and downtime solution has resulted in increased efficiencies of staff time. Ability to print patient chart and the armband, streamlining patient admissions.”

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