Remote deposit check scanning

Remote Deposit Check Scanning Solutions

Seamlessly captures and populates check images along with the corresponding data, such as presentment date and database fields.

Paperless Admission to Billing

This is a scanning/document management solution for all phases of the revenue cycle, from patient access to account collections.

Credit Card Processing Integration

With TSG’s Patient Kiosk, patients can pay their outstanding bills with a simple swipe of a credit card.
patient self service kiosk in healthcare

Patient Kiosk

TSG's Patient Kiosk solutions is a customer-centric differentiator that will not only empower your patients, but also improve your overall cash-flow.

Revenue Cycle

Revenue Cycle Management

Our secure cloud-based/hosted API in conjunction with the Microsoft Azure software now allows you to verify patient’s insurance eligibility before the office visit, ensuring the patient information is correct and up to date. TSG’s automated verification service identifies issues relating to patient’s coverage and takes corrective action before the patient is being seen. Identifying patient responsibility upfront prior to the visit will considerably reduce rejects and delayed claims and also the time required for patient check-in processes and increase productivity.  All of this leads to decreased denials, increased productivity, and optimizing your cash flow while seamlessly integrating into your EHR/EMR.

EZPay Credit Card Processing Integration

As patient volumes and the self-pay component of a patient bill grow, improving the collection of these self-pay components at the point of registration becomes increasingly urgent. TSG has developed a scalable integration solution to facilitate the credit card information data capture in a secure manner across your enterprise. Also new and more secure credit card standards are here with PCI 3.0. Our solution allows healthcare organization to take advantage of these new changes and at the same time makes their organization more secure by automating their data capture in admitting/co-payments, bill payment, fundraising/development, pharmacy, gift shop, food services, parking, outpatient, etc.

Paperless Admission to Billing

TSG’s Paperless Admission to Billing is an automated solution for all phases of the revenue cycle, from patient access to account collections. It has the capability to vastly reduce or eliminate the use of paper statements, patient communications, and payment remittances.

Patient Kiosk

Patient Kiosk is an iPad-based self-service kiosks that empower patients and staff, speeds up intake processes, and improves overall cash flow. The kiosk includes enhanced data capture, insurance eligibility checking, and automated upfront co-pay processing.

Analytics, Reporting and Dashboards

Executives should have the ability to see a snapshot of their business across the revenue cycle in an on-demand visual report and be able to break down data into disparate views. TSG’s elite dashboards allow you to monitor and manage your re-admission rate, AR analysis, denials, and any issues that might be causing a bottleneck in your revenue cycle process.

Remote Deposit Check Scanning Solutions

Scan checks remotely and transmit the check images to a bank for deposit, via an encrypted Internet connection, which eliminate the need to visit the bank.


eMillennium is a point-and-click analytical application created with executives and upper management in mind. This tool enables all users of a hospital to immediately retrieve information from many critical sources for better decision-making.