Patient Identity Management

As hospitals move towards an EHR, they spend millions towards its implementation without thinking about the challenges of duplicating a Master Patient Index (MPI) across an enterprise. Building an EHR on a foundation of duplicate records opens up a facility for serious patient safety and risk management consequences. Recently, there has been an increased awareness of duplicate records and inaccurate identification of returning patients. However, as hospitals connect various MPIs across their enterprise, this challenge will only compound and grow with time. These facilities require the application of intelligent solutions in order to lay a foundation for advanced algorithmic logic that prevents or flags duplicate MPIs for quick resolution.

With The Shams Group’s Patient Identity Product, you can streamline and merge patient index data, ensuring that the most accurate and current patient demographic information is available across the enterprise. Our innovative, browser-based method merges duplicate data and speeds up the process of matching records accurately. It can also help overcome inconsistencies and errors created by different data entry practices used by multiple registration systems across a community.

We work with hospitals to identify the root cause of continuous duplicate records, and with our Patient Identity Management product, we can unravel the concern around duplicate MPIs. With a decrease in the number of duplicate records comes an increase in patient safety. As we improve the integrity of your data, hospitals, clinicians, and even patients will see these obstacles subside.

Key Strengths

  • Compare a multitude of data elements for matching
  • Rule-based logic that can be customized to fit hospital standards
  • Match patient records, even when their individual data elements are not exactly the same
  • Reporting tool lists all index data edits and updates
  • Create a cleaner, more manageable index
  • Reduce the need to re-enter patient information across multiple MPIs
  • Drastically reduce costs associated with medical record cleanup
  • Provide a safety net for human error
  • Better quality of care with longitudinal patient records


  • Ensures current and accurate patient information is available across the continuum of care
  • Ensures that patients are not asked the same questions repeatedly through episodes of care
  • Prevents fraud/identity exchanges
  • Saves time and eliminates errors
  • Improves data quality
  • Effortlessly integrates with existing systems and platforms
  • Preserves organization’s existing policies and procedures
  • Robust audit trail to comply with HIPAA standards


  • Browser-based model for presentation of patient index data and merging process
  • Availability of up to 120 data fields for viewing and probing to merge records
  • Highly accurate algorithms for detecting patient identifiers, and for establishing merges between record numbers representing the same individual
  • Consolidates/merges duplicate patient medical record index data from multiple sources/systems
  • Built on Microsoft SQL RDBMS
  • Synchronizes the HIS database in a real-time mode
  • Ability to log all transactions with user identification to track data entry and other errors