Pharmacy Order Workflow

Pharmacy Order Workflow: Galactica Rx

The Shams Group’s Galactica Rx system streamlines and automates the entire medication order management process in a facility, ensuring the accuracy and speed necessary to meet patients’ needs. It is designed for the capture, routing, delivery, review, approval, printing, and storage of physician orders. It also includes the ability to triage order types and allows online retrieval of physician orders, a major breakthrough in the order management process. It is a web-based product that can operate off of any Microsoft browser and is completed integrated with your HIS. This means it can be easily installed into your hospital’s pharmacy without an extensive demand of resources from the IS department. Galactica Rx also includes a built-in reporting tool that allows users to dynamically generate reports for different levels of management, as well as cut, dice, and drill down data interactively based on different business angles.

Galactica Rx is designed to provide a valuable solution to the challenges that confront pharmacies and nurses today, including medication errors caused by transcription errors, wasted time due to telephone calls between nurses and pharmacists to clarify orders, lengthy delays to get new orders approved, repeated efforts to successfully deliver physician orders via fax, and staffing issues at satellite pharmacies and remote hospitals.

This easy to use tool will allow you to get the information you need in minutes, and the pharmacy will no longer have to contact the IS department for reports. It will reduce medication errors, decrease turnaround time, eliminate lost orders, decrease the number of calls between nurses and the pharmacy, allow centralized pharmacy coverage for remote hospitals, and overall create more time for pharmacists to partake in clinical care.

Features and Benefits

  • Powerful Communication Dashboard with audit trail of all communication
  • Quick and easy access to all documentation on-line
  • Multilayer integration with HIS (TSG has a built-in integration adaptor for Meditech HIS)
    • Real-time ADT info immediately available in Galactica Rx
    • Automatic indexing of orders to patients using barcodes
    • MIS Table/Dictionaries synchronization from HIS to Galactica Rx – users, location, and service
    • Back-end integration for patient account number from Galactica Rx to HIS
  • Ability to obtain reports from Galactica Rx database using tools such as MS access, Excel etc.
  • Compliance with The Joint Commission and HIPAA Guidelines
  • Magnify and rotate images
  • Ability to assign verbal orders to the physicians for E-sign


Pharmacy Achievements:Management AchievementsIntegration Achievements:

  • Reduction in Medical Errors
  • Increase Staff Productivity
  • Provide Greater Patient Satisfaction
  • Reduction in Pharmacy Cost (Toner, Paper, etc.)
  • Orders are viewable whether HIS Server is unavailable
  • Environmental Cleanup
  • Compliance with JCAHO and HIPAA Guidelines
  • Advancing with Technology

  • Ability to create folders to track different order types for JCAHO
  • Ability to create a folder for patient safety
  • Ability to scan any other form or paper and manage it on-line
  • Ability to write reports from Galactica Rx database using easy to use tools like MS Access, Excel, etc.

  • Deep integration with HIS at three levels:
    • Registration information immediately available in Galactica Rx.
    • MIS Table/Dictionaries synchronization from HIS to Galactica Rx—Users, Location, Service
    • MIS Table/Dictionaries synchronization from HIS to Galactica Rx—Users, Location, Service

SimplicityNaturalnessConsistencyEffective Information Presentation

  • RX has designed simple and clear
  • It targets all users, whether Pharmacist, Pharmacy Tech, Nurse, or Unit Clerk

  • RX has a natural flow automatically linking patients to their medication orders
  • Workflows enhanced verses altered, interrupted, or created to accommodate new software

  • Users using other TSG applications will notice the consistency in platform, layout, design between RX and prior in-use applications

  • RX provides electronic communication between nurses and pharmacists, including use of Clinical Interventions, to reduce amount of calls and free staff to focus on patient care
  • Rx provides nurses with dashboards to monitor their patient medication orders by seeing the status of the order and if the medication has been delivered

Cont. Effective Information PresentationPreservation of ContentEfficient Use of LanguageEfficient Interaction

  • RX uses color codes to distinguish different order types and their status
  • For e.g. any order currently being worked will appear green. Stat orders appear in work queues as red (colors are customizable)

  • Our Clients love the layout, design and simplicity of RX
  • We try to cater all requests with minimal changes to the layout and design

  • RX uses familiar and meaningful terminology
  • Legends available to assist with color coding and used terminology

  • RX provides quick access points to all its components
  • More Output with Fewer clicks

cognitive load

  • Capable to search past date data with multiple parameter searches
  • Easier to retrieve and interpret data, thus no thinking required

  • Let users discover by exploring without fear of destroying data
  • Let users recover gracefully from mistakes

  • Don’t keep the user wondering, show expected delays and downtime
  • Confirm changes that aren’t evident and applied

Medical software is often hard to use causing productivity to drop. The Shams Group puts usability at the center of our healthcare software development process. Our usability experts ensure that people who use your system, don’t need to be software experts.

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