Consulting Services

Consulting Services

In today’s environment, healthcare organizations must choose a partner who possesses the knowledge, desire, and vision to create a high-touch, high-tech healthcare organization. Here at The Shams Group (TSG), we integrate business strategy with IT strategy to meet the changing needs of the healthcare marketplace.

Knowledge Management-Based Consulting: Re-Engineering Processes, Enhancing Cash Flow, Leveraging the IT Investment

Our mission is to assist and lead our clients in achieving their objectives by providing professional services of uncompromising quality, competency, and objectivity in the areas of information systems and process improvement. TSG has been the leading provider of consulting services and innovative supplemental software products in the MEDITECH and healthcare information systems (HIS) marketplace since its conception. Throughout the years, the healthcare industry has fluctuated and evolved. Yet, TSG’s consulting division has remained in a constant state of excellence and innovation.

More than 450 hospitals display evidence of TSG’s unique and successful approach that differentiates us from other healthcare service competitors. Our implemented solutions have allowed a multitude of healthcare organizations to save millions of dollars by creating an efficient workflow and adapting information technology to meet their needs. With guidance from TSG, these hospitals have not only stabilized and automated their workflow, but have also increased their profits and enhanced their care process exponentially.

Our Consulting Team

The TSG consulting team has comprehensive knowledge and technical expertise about MEDITECH, Siemens, HMS, AllScripts and several other healthcare information systems (HIS). The consulting team possesses the required skills to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of an organization’s existing IT, process infrastructure, and recommend best practices and out-of-the-box solutions for optimum results. Most importantly, our consulting team knows how to take a turnkey system and make it work within any unique environment.
Every TSG consultant possesses unsurpassed experience that spans decades of technological and industry-wide evolution. They have backgrounds in clinical, financial, administrative, and technical areas of healthcare information systems (HIS), as well as Microsoft technology. The knowledgeable consultants of TSG can assist your organization in streamlining operations and improving your bottom line results. We are the best in the business to help your hospital transition into a high cash flow, error free, and data quality driven organization.

Workflow-Enabled Best Practices and Strategic/IT Consulting

Process Improvement Services

  • Enterprise-wide scheduling
  • Decentralized kiosk based registration
  • Business office process re-engineering
  • Payroll personnel process improvement
  • Clinical documentation (i.e. Nursing and ancillary care)
  • IT staffing levels and skill set improvement
  • ED/ER assessment/process improvement

HIPAA Readiness

  • Corporate-wide compliance assessment and gap analysis
  • Leveraging administration simplification provisions
  • Technology recommendations for secure and trusted workspace
  • Audit and monitoring tools and solutions

Revenue Cycle Enhancement

  • Registration to business office cash flow improvement
  • A review and recommendations for lowering days
  • In-house collections and review of outsource process
  • Automation review, including cash posting and collections
  • Interim business office management

Data Warehouse Services

  • Implementation assistance
  • Data extraction and analysis development
  • Decision support tools development
  • Database modeling and development
  • Financial and clinical data repositories
  • Solution development and training

Strategic and Operational Consulting

  • Information technology strategic planning
  • CIO/director/analyst mentoring and training programs
  • Community-based IT planning (i.e. system integration)
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • IT organizational development

Network Engineering Services

  • Network Assessment and Recommendations
  • Internet/Intranet Development
  • Remote Connectivity Strategy and Implementation
  • Network Management Training and Support
  • SharePoint Portal

Information Technology Services

  • Application Assessment/Audit/Training
  • Application Implementation/Upgrades
  • System Integration
  • Application Development
  • Help Desk Development
  • Secure Cloud/Hosted Computing
  • Hardware Migration Strategy

Outsourcing Services

  • Help desk services
  • Facilities/network management
  • Is analyst support (on and off -site)
  • Full operation outsourcing
  • Interim IS director/CIO management

Physicians As the Key Focus

  • Physician buy-in for leveraging technology around Promoting Interoperability (PI) strategy
  • Strategies for successful physician hospital integration for maximum customer value and ultimate market leverage
  • Strategies for attracting and retaining physicians using innovative IT solutions

TSG Consulting Project Profile:

Consulting Project For A Small Children’s Hospital

In March of 1999, a small children’s hospital with growing outpatient volumes contracted with TSG to develop a strategic plan that would give them the ability to grow, control costs, meet their organizational objectives, and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. TSG worked with them to identify their needs and available resources, as well as prioritizing goals. From this research, TSG developed and delivered a plan that was well received by the Planning Board and Senior Management. Since then, we have worked with the hospital to design, develop, and deliver an intake solution that maximizes the use of the MEDITECH system while leveraging process automation tools to assist staff. We are also working with this hospital on other projects, both on the consulting and solutions side of the company.

Consulting Project For A Remote Community Hospital

In August of 1998, a remote community hospital with a growing outpatient component turned to TSG for consultation. Given their limited resources coupled with the need to better serve their community, the hospital management realized that they needed a comprehensive information technology strategic plan. We worked with them to identify their needs, available resources, and priorities for the project. From this, we developed and delivered a plan that was well received by the Planning Board and Senior Management.

We have subsequently been hired to go back and assist with the development and implementation of additional components of the plan. Furthermore, we have an ongoing contract to assist the hospital in the realization of their IT plans.

Strategic Planning For An Integrated Delivery Network

For this project, TSG has been contracted to develop a five-year strategic information systems plan for the network of an integrated healthcare delivery system that provides services for approximately 90,000 people in a four-county area in the Northwest corner of Illinois. The network is comprised of the hospital, clinic, cancer center, home healthcare and hospice, occupational health services, outpatient mental health services, and individual physician offices.

Our plan provides the network with a comprehensive road map that supports the network’s distinctive business quality, management technology, integration and communication goals. The information infrastructure defined in the plan allowed the rapid delivery of information to management for better decision-making, and provided information to clinicians at the point of care in an effective format to optimize care process and outcomes. The plan outlines how the network should look to the future and use process automation and easy-to-use information technology to enhance physician and staff effectiveness, thus enabling the  network to better serve its community.

TSG is currently providing strategic consulting services to help implement the network’s IT Strategic Action Plan.

B/AR Redesign Project For a Non-Profit Hospital Affiliated With a Health System

TSG’s consulting services worked with the health system to redesign the billing and accounts receivable workflow for the hospital. This redesign project consisted of evaluating the current application usage, updating system parameters and dictionaries, implementing process automation, training, documenting policies and procedures, and developing reports. The redesign project proved to be a complete financial success for the hospital.

In comparison to the previous fiscal year, the new fiscal year had a 1.9% increase in cash receipts as a percent of gross patient revenue. Based on the gross patient revenue of $161 million in the new fiscal year, there was an increase of $2.7 million in cash receipts. The hospital also recorded a 2.39% decrease in days in accounts receivable, from 59.39 to 57.00 days. Based on the activity of the new fiscal year, a one-day reduction in accounts receivable resulted in $407,500. There was also an additional $815,000 in positive cash flow compared to the previous year.

After the project was concluded, the health system retained TSG as information technology strategic consultants to assist and guide as the main hospital moved to a new healthcare facility. Over the course of several years TSG has performed assessments and implemented process improvement projects to accomplish the health system’s goal of a process-driven patient care system.

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