Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

The information within a practice consists of more than just an EHR. This information can be contracts, HR policies and procedures, accounting documents, clinical protocols, and much more. In order to become a knowledge-based organization, a practice requires an efficient knowledge management tool that allows physician offices to organize and easily access vast amounts of information. Far beyond simply saving a file onto a server, knowledge management puts information into the hands of employees precisely when they need it. This results in smart, productive, and informed decisions that in turn lead to better customer service and higher customer satisfaction.

Proven and Affordable

The Shams Group sets itself apart from the rest of the industry by providing efficient knowledge management services at an affordable cost. Our consulting team has over twenty-five years of healthcare domain knowledge, combined with leading SharePoint experts. Our competitive pricing not only beats out that of competitors; it actually allows you to save money in the long run by eliminating redundancies inherent in ineffective knowledge management systems.


We place an emphasis on IT-based solutions related to knowledge management problems. With detailed assessments, we discover the strengths and opportunities in a practice and can provide a solution based upon a more efficient knowledge management system that is custom-tailored to the needs of every facility.

Some of the areas of knowledge management, we can utilize to assist your practice include:

  • Process Improvement Services
  • Improving Coordination of Care
  • Revenue Cycle Enhancement
  • BI & Analytic Services
  • Strategic and Operational Consulting
  • Network Engineering Services
  • Information Technology Services
  • Outsourcing Services

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