Enterprise Master Patient Index and Medical Record Cleanup

In today’s healthcare environment, patient data is generated and stored in disparate systems throughout the healthcare setting. Each of these systems usually assigns its own independent local identifiers, resulting in duplication of records and inaccurate record identification. This causes difficulty when attempting to share information between systems and departments.

The major goal of an Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) is to provide a seamless methodology where all providers in an integrated delivery system share a connection that allows them to capture and feed critical data. This improves customer service and patient care, and lower costs across the enterprise. TSG’s Enterprise Master Patient Index and Medical Record Cleanup systems come with a built-in integration engine that supports industry standard communication protocols and messaging standards like HL7.

TSG’s EMPI and MRC system does not only match and exceed the requirements set out for an effectively designed EMPI and MRC, but they also combine functionality and productivity with a dose of simplicity and ease-of-use for the end users. By implementing these systems, the storage, fusion, and access of patient records and data can be performed with proficiency and ease.

Features Benefits
  • Captures patient demographics information once, regardless of the point of entry, thus ensuring that patients are not asked the same questions over and over again as they move through the enterprise
  • Automatic updates of all demographic data elements between different systems using HL7 or SQL, thus saving time, eliminating errors, improving data quality and cash flow
  • Built on Microsoft SQL RDBMS to populate all historical demographic data in EMPI
  • Synchronizes the HIS database in a real-time mode
  • Logs all transactions with user identification to track data entry and other errors
  • Supports MPI for patient confidentiality issues using any field parameter
  • Merges duplicate MPI
  • Automatically passes information to create an MPI record on HIS, based on pre-defined parameters
  • Automatically passes updated information to create/update demographic information based on pre-defined parameters
  • Centralized location of all patient demographic and medical record index data, ensuring current and accurate information when accessed across the continuum of care
  • Integration options available, ensuring a match to a facility’s interface system; no need to change the existing system, policies or procedures
  • Match weight table feature that ensures optimal performance for accurate matches to achieve complete and accurate patient record index data
  • Algorithms can be customized according to hospital specific rules and merge procedures
  • Ability to view and probe up to 120 fields for exceptional control/QA over the merges
  • Audits are manageable and easy to perform
  • A robust audit trail that complies with HIPAA standards
  • Enhanced benefits of time management, bottom line results, and efficient use of resources