Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services

Recent changes in the healthcare marketplace and government regulations has led healthcare organizations find it difficult to maintain their level of information technology services, while answering to increasing patient expectations. Current issues must be met with the adaptation and enhancement of the Information Technology Services landscape, with up-to-date technology and superior IT support systems. Whether your institution is a small clinic or a large private practice, failure to consider all risks related to Information Technology could result in unnecessary exposure to liability. The simple loss of a smartphone can unsettle your facility’s operations and result in the loss of confidential client information, putting you and your practice at risk.

TSG employs some of the most proficient IT consultants in the healthcare field. We are continually producing a significant impact on hospitals and other healthcare organizations, allowing them to focus on delivery of service rather than being hampered by the constant resolution of issues. Many facilities require removal of many of the routine operations that burdened their already overloaded in-house Information Technology Services staff. Our unique relationship with facilities alleviates that burden while still allowing hospital IT to retain complete control of all operations and decision processes. Collaborating with our experienced IT consultants resulted in a definite improvement in user satisfaction, faster up-time, and significant financial benefits. The utilization of a healthcare Information Technology Services consultant allows up-to-date hospital IT departments to promptly increase the performance of data center operations, improve IT staff skill sets, and enhance user-IT relations.

At The Shams Group we believe in working with practices to help you achieve the following:

  • Remotely access the EMR system
  • Easily access data, while minimizing data risks
  • Utilize specific resources to increase efficiency
  • Minimize liability
  • Stay within HIPAA compliance and regulations (we are certified HIPAA compliant professionals)

Additionally, TSG provides support for your Electrical Medical Record and Practice Management systems, ensuring that they are functional 24/7. This is absolutely essential to any physician office’s operations.

We complete a full risk assessment in which IT vulnerabilities and threats are taken into consideration in order to secure essential data. Following this initial assessment, we execute policies to minimize identified risks. These policies may include the protection of networks and services, as well as the securing of all smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Physician offices and clinics utilizing secure cloud/hosted technology are further protected by the adoption of Service Organization Control (SOC).

Significant recent projects:

  • Training hospital Database Administrator (DBAs) in the HIS Data Warehouse, Data Repository, and DataMart Administration
  • SQL upgrade implementation migration services
  • Monitoring network and server speed
  • Conducting security reviews
  • Managing remote perimeter routers and virtualizing physical servers
  • Comprehensive Information Technology Services help desk training
  • SharePoint server content management
  • Implementation migrations
  • Off-site recovery
  • Disaster solutions planning

We at TSG provide extensive experience and knowledge when moving portions of enterprises with secured private or public hosting and secure cloud solutions. We have implemented specific systems that meet the needs of different variants, always considering the specific needs of the organization. TSG outsourcing consultants will work closely with your in-house team to determine the best strategic fit for your specific organizational needs. With support from a global team that monitors and proactively resolves any issue, your move to a hosted environment will provide you with unmatched security.

Return on Investment

A lack of effective management can quickly translate into the loss of millions of dollars, and even worse, the weakening of patient trust. Institutions willing to automate their workflow can achieve an improved work environment by embracing today’s technology. The result is better efficiency and an overall improved level of service.

Interested in taking a test drive? We offer a free consultation & analysis of the current state of your practice in regards to IT. Our team will create a checklist of items for improvement as well as a cost and savings analysis to maximize your ROI and protect your practice.

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