Project Management Office (PMO) Services

Project Management Services

The Shams Group’s consulting team possesses unsurpassed experience that spans decades of technological and industry-wide evolution. The staff is comprised of former clinical, financial, and technical executives who have experience in various Healthcare Information Systems. Our consultants have turned hospitals into stabilized, automated organizations with increased profits. Their level of expertise is incomparable and their main goal is to improve your bottom line results.

Today, TSG is a leading provider of consulting services in Project Management Offices (PMO), Strategic Planning, and Promoting Interoperability (PI).

When implementing PMO strategies, TSG goes beyond traditional project planning. Our consultants come armed with a methodology for managing and delivering success in a complex implementation environment. We share dashboards for management that can be used to monitor and experience transparency within the organization. We also assist with breaking silos and increasing productivity so that information can be shared up and down the ladder.

Ensuring Promoting Interoperability (PI) compliance can be a daunting task, and it is important to face the criteria with a focused and strategic plan. Allow The Shams Group to assist in developing this plan. We will conduct a gap analysis and make suitable recommendations for how you can receive your incentive payments. TSG’s consultants will reduce your uncertainty and assist you in achieving your objectives by providing professional services of uncompromising quality and competency.

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