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The Shams Group’s Trendstar interface software extracts data from appropriate Meditech applications and data tables. It works with all versions and platforms—Magic, CS, or Meditech’s DR to compile data into the Data Base Input (DBI) files. It then transmits these files via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to Trendstar in the most efficient manner. TSG offers a highly scalable, integrated solution consisting of a front-end Trendstar Administrative tool that gives facilities the flexibility they need to either totally automate DBI file transfer or run them on as needed basis.

Benefits and Features

  • Interface Dashboard
  • Interface Scheduler
  • Create and send DBI files
  • Manually add patient(s) when necessary for on demand patient data inclusion into DBI files
  • Interface and Audit Reports
  • Auto purges with option to delete old processed files on demand
  • Site Admin may add and authorize users
  • Access is defined by role

TSG has successfully implemented Meditech 6.x DR to HBOC Trendstar interface for Freeman Health System and Southern Regional Medical Center, along with other hospitals.