Navigate Workflows Faster

  • Customizable tabs give users quick access to other applications

  • Interoperability of Applications

  • Status bar ensures users can see the facility selected in MEDITECH Expanse

  • The smart browser saves logins for quicker navigation between applications

  • Copy and paste text from any screen within the browser

Smart Browser

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Browser

  • Automation with data discovery and extraction

  • Automation of high-volume routine processes

  • Automation for administrative workflow assistance 

  • Improves data accuracy reduce human error

Myriad of Powerful Scripting Functionalities

  • Scripting capabilities enhance features such as content display and command sequences

  • Scripting command sequences aid in user access during systems downtimes

  • JavaScript can support MEDITECH Expanse command sequences

All TSG Solutions Are MEDITECH Expanse Ready!

The Smart Browser

Business Automation and Management Functionalities

Smart Default fill-in capabilities

Create a list of your most used default fill-in options to make data entry nearly a reflex. Simply hover over a field and choose from your list of defaults to keep workflows flying.

Context-Aware Technology

Share screen information with other applications instantly to make looking up other vendor clinical information quicker and more efficient than ever.

Copy and Paste

Sometimes the ability to copy and paste is all that’s really needed to keep workflows moving. Copy and paste to your hearts content with the smart browser.

Customize Help Screens

Define screen level custom help for each Expanse screen.


Automate Help Desk Tickets

Let the smart browser send the concerns ticket for you. If an error occurs, your new mate automatically takes and sends a screenshot of the error message to the appropriate help desk as well as guides your users to enter the required information regarding their concerns.

Alerts and Notifications

Receive popup alerts, informative messages, and custom reminders on screens for missing data, mismatched data and other organization business logic that needs to be enforced during a particular data entry.

Expanse Management Capabilities and MORE!

The smart browser has many more centralized browser and Expanse Management options!!!


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