Coding Optimized: Accuracy, Efficiency & Compliance for a High-Performing Revenue Cycle

There are many advantages to outsourcing medical coding services. First, simply put, it is cost effective! It helps you save money for your clinic or hospital. Second, recruiting, managing, and retaining qualified and experienced hospital coders can be challenging. Therefore, many hospitals are forced to offer huge sign-on bonuses and other incentives in order to hire employees. By outsourcing our Professional medical coders hospitals and other facilities can reduce the costs of hiring medical coding experts as well as reduce or eliminate the other expenses associated with maintaining a staff of coding experts, while benefiting from the experience of certified coding specialists.

Our certified coders have:

  • 5+ years’ experience: RHIA, RHIT, CCS, CCS-P, CCA, CPC and/or CPC-H certified
  • Advanced understanding of DRGs (Diagnosis-Related Groups) to facilitate accurate reimbursements
  • Strict adherence above and beyond HIPAA requirements, CMS guidelines and regional regulations