Office 365 – Digital Transformation


As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner since 1994, we are a proven, trusted source of expert deployment assistance, consultation, and training in Microsoft tools and solutions. Our Digital Transformation services help your organization assess how Microsoft tools can meet demands and remedy inefficiencies in your specific technological environment, but they also ensure that your employees are getting the most out of Microsoft solutions you already have. With guidance from seasoned Microsoft technology experts, your healthcare enterprise will be empowered to confidently navigate the complexities of Digital Transformation.

TSG’s Stand Against COVID-19

TSG’s Stand Against COVID-19

In the fight against COVID-19, more and more healthcare organizations are having to transition into remote work and Telehealth technologies. This service is already being used to assist hospitals in that transition by ensuring that lines of communication stay open and that Telehealth implementation is efficient and effective.

Together, we can protect your staff, continue providing care, and minimize the spread.


Office 365 with Azure

Office 365 with Azure

Encompassing a host of secure, cloud-based solutions, Office 365 with Azure represents the collection of powerful applications ready to transform how people, data, and processes within your healthcare organization come together to drive growth and optimize productivity. From keeping staff connected while on the go, to improving operational efficiencies, to eliminating the need for your own data center, Office 365 with Azure is a powerhouse of opportunity. And with help from experienced IT professionals, your organization can harness that power, ensure it is deployed effectively, and begin reaping the benefits of Digital Transformation.

Teams Collaboration

  • Conduct Telehealth with your patients
  • Create elevated meeting experiences for one-on-one or group settings
  • Facilitate effortless collaboration through HIPPA compliant chat, video, and voice


  • Create intranet sites for each of your departments
  • Deploy educational videos and tutorials
  • Effectively store and manage knowledge across your healthcare enterprise


  • Manage large amounts of data across your enterprise
  • Analyze various types of data trends in your organization


  • Securely communicate via email with internal and external individuals
  • Manage your calendar and receive schedule reminders
  • Archive emails for compliance needs

Training Tailored to Your Needs

A tool is only as good as the individuals who use it. That’s why our dedicated team of specialists is here to help your organization get the most out of Microsoft’s host of innovative tools. With expert guidance that takes your particular IT environment into consideration and specialized training to ensure maximum proficiency, you can be sure your organization’s Digital Transformation journey is on the right track and in good hands.

Management Strategy

Anyone can buy Microsoft 365 products and begin using them right away. But, Digital Transformation involves strategy, and that’s what we bring to the table. Whether you would like to continue using the tools in your current system or upgrade to various Microsoft solutions, we will help you figure out what improvements can be made, what tool or combination of tools is best in your context, and how to implement those solutions to solve challenges at the corporate level.