Consolidated Patient Statement

Consolidated Patient Friendly Statement (CPFS) reduces the volume of statements that a patient receives by consolidating multiple hospital and physician visits into one statement. The beauty of this solution is that it reduces hospital costs, and patient frustration induced by receiving multiple statements. CPFS is a browser-based interface that reduces billing and IT overhead as well by streamlining statement creation workflow. The new statement is designed to:

  1. Consolidate unnecessary statements generated by one or more billing system (clinic and hospital) going to the same patient in a given month
  2. Integrate disparate billing systems’ statements to create a consolidated statement
  3. Provide the patient with a detailed summary view of all outstanding encounters that are easy to interpret
TSG’s Intelligent ‘Consolidated Patient Friendly Statement’ allow you to...
Reduce the volume of patient statements that a patient receives – provide multiple visits and multiple doctors ‘information on ONE statement

Eliminate the limitations of your host system and expand it to include the type of service, information, and vocabulary that a patient would recognize

Integrate disparate billing systems to create a consolidated patient statement

Create an unlimited, personalized, and customized patient statement that allows you to control messages, printing, rules, and much more

Facilitate the formation of a centralized business office (virtual or physical)

Promote and inform your patients of new services being offered through your organization in a patient statement

Assure medical statements are readable and comprehensive

Enhance the ‘patient friendly billing’ experience by giving your patients an understanding of what ‘their care’ is costing them

Provide the option for e-mailing patient statements and the ability to view and pay bills on-line at a line item level

Minimize costs by sending a single statement per episode, while simultaneously improving the revenue cycle

Consolidated Patient Friendly Statement

With the built-in functionality of TSG’s Consolidated Patient Statement, patient statements can be reprocessed, reprinted, and viewed online from anywhere, with a browser, all while providing management the ability to customize rules and messages. This product enables patient payment management and increased hospital self-pay. When patients are able to read and understand their medical statement, it stimulates account compliance. We offer this solution both in-house and also as a SAS/Cloud model, so there is no capital cost to the hospital. Eliminate the frustration from your patient’s lives, while increasing your own bottom line with a Consolidated Patient Statement.

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