TSG is certified to assist an EP, EH, or CAH in achieving the Generate Patient Lists PI Objective

How it works

This solution uses TSG’s Galaxy, Meditech DR, or any SQL repository that can be used as a data source to generate patient lists for eligible professionals and eligible hospitals. Patient lists are generated online and can be exported as an electronic file or as a correctly printed document without omission.

Our tool enables a user to electronically and dynamically select, sort, access, and create patient lists that can be sorted by date and time based on combinations of data, including problems, medications, medication allergies, demographics, and laboratory tests and results. Lists can be used to monitor the health and progress of patients in order to improve their quality of health and health care. They can also help practices focus on how to educate their staff and provide assistance in identifying areas of outreach.


  • Used to manage patients for high-priority health conditions
  • Enables a provider to conduct a faster and more in-depth data analysis at very fast acquisition rates
  • Information captured in the patient medical records allows the quality of care to be more effective and efficient by enabling the clinician to focus quickly on the patient’s current health state
  • Users can create custom search lists of patient information, from which caregivers can select a variety of search criteria, to generate lists of patients with specific conditions
  • Customizing patient search lists allow caregivers to locate charts more quickly rather than relying on a large single list
  • Usage of patient reported info has led to improvements in health outcomes and healthcare values

Generate Patient List Interface

Generate Patient List Meaningful Use

Report page displays the Medication, Medication allergies, demographics, laboratory tests and results.

Generate Patient List Meaningful Use

With the help of ‘condition’ parameters ‘And/OR’ options you can use one SSRS report to get any combination of patient data.

Lookup Lists

Generate Patient List Meaningful Use

Lookup lists are available for LAB tests, medications, allergies, problems etc, so it is easy for clinicians to use without having to know the exact value stored in their dictionaries

TSG is working with ECHN (Eastern Connecticut Health Network) to meet the Patient List requirements for Stage 2 of Promoting Interoperability (PI):

TSG’s implementation of the General Patient List SSRS report for ECHN meets the measure for Promoting Interoperability (PI). In addition to their IT, ECHN’s clinicians use this report extensively to pinpoint patients who meet various criteria.

What they have to say about us:

“It is a great report and it is evident that the team put in their best efforts in order for us to meet our deadlines. We at ECHN are very grateful for the entire TSG team and the continued efforts that you put in in order to meet our goals”

– IT Project and Promoting Interoperability (PI) Manager at ECHN