Microsoft Digital Transformation for an Innovative Healthcare Organization​

Microsoft Digital Transformation for an Innovative Healthcare Organization

Microsoft Product Services

Microsoft Office 365 Secure Cloud/Hosted Deployment

Enterprise Education/Training on Microsoft Technologies

Microsoft Azure Stack and Dynamics 365 for Application Development

Deploy Hybrid Data Center in Microsoft Azure

SQL DBA Support

Authorized Microsoft and Independent Software Vendor

TSG has partnered with Microsoft for over 25 years, as the world moves towards secure cloud/hosted solutions. TSG and Microsoft bring you the latest in hosted technology, licensing, transformation service program and thought leadership. This effective and seamless collaboration focuses on delivering services and solutions that helps organizations to leverage AI to drive digital business transformations in their core business and use data to gain competitive advantage. Our team is here to assist you with business transformation, training and compliance consulting so you can unlock the power of the secure cloud and focus on value added services for the benefit of the organization.

​Our goal is to create a three-way partnership with you, Microsoft and TSG that helps yours organization to predict new revenue streams, optimize investment decisions and turn unstructured data into a valuable business asset.

Some of the key drivers of its success include:

  • Gain actionable insights from their complex digital and conventional data sources
  • Optimize operational cost
  • Become more secure
  • Improve customer retention rates

Benefits of TSG/MS Secure Cloud/Hosted Strategy:

  • No middle-man who is only interested in status quo and old licensing without innovation
  • One stop shop, bringing all the skills and resources to get you to a hosted solution
  • Eliminate License Audit
  • Eliminate Virus and Provide Advance Threat Protection
  • Back-up and Disaster Recovery
  • Fast and Secure Remote Access
  • Pay as you use with incremental cost
  • No Hardware Upgrades
  • Easy Deployment of Applications
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Microsoft E-Discovery

SharePoint Portal

In today’s day and age, information is key and knowledge is power. SharePoint helps organize information and convert it into knowledge for easy access across the enterprise. SharePoint allows a company to quickly respond to the changing needs of the business. Employees can share ideas and expertise easily over the web and it breaks down departmental silos. More so, SharePoint helps reduce training and maintenance costs, saves time and effort, and helps employees focus more on the current business needs.

SharePoint streamlines business intelligence, enterprise content management, search, and sharing for intranet and internet sites. The platform’s powerful infrastructure with flexible deployment options ensures a secure environment, and gives deeper insight into operations.

Custom Portal Development

TSG offers custom SharePoint Portal development which allows an organization to consolidate information and convert it into knowledge for easy access throughout the enterprise. SharePoint allows a company to quickly respond to the changing needs of the business. This includes integrating disparate systems, developing custom web parts, dashboards and business intelligence features.

Better Decision Making

SharePoint Portal enables businesses to manage enterprise level data available on need basis. The portal provides framework and tools that allow you to gather and share information more swiftly for faster decision making.

Secure Access

The SharePoint portal provides secure and collaborative environment that reaches across the enterprise. The portal contains a management console where roles and security settings are managed.

Ease of Use

SharePoint portal provides easy to use data visualization tool that allows users to create intuitive data views without any knowledge of the backend database design or language.

Improved Collaboration

Build specific data within the SharePoint Portal and make it available throughout the enterprise for different usage. This level of information access boosts productivity and improve collaboration within the organization.

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