Meditech Data Repository – SQL Services

Leverage your Data Repository Investment

MEDITECH delivers their Data Repository (DR) in MS SQL Server with the expectation that organizations will have dedicated resources to monitor their DR for proper data flow, uptime, speed, integrity, and performance. For some organizations that may lack the time, resources, or employees, this is just not viable.

With deep knowledge of the Meditech architecture and technologies, as well as the Microsoft SQL Server platforms on which the DR resides, TSG’s experienced staff can assist with DR implementations, update testing, and table auditing.  For any Data Repository to be truly useful, attention must be paid to the health of the server, database, and data, and we are an excellent choice to handle all of your DR maintenance needs.

Leverage the collective knowledge, skills, and experience of our team of professionals in all aspects of SQL Server and Meditech, including:

  • Preserving the health of your DR investment by properly maintaining the Microsoft Windows Server and SQL Server components
  • Making sure all tables needed by each facility are setup for DR data flow by Meditech
  • Monitoring all jobs that perform data flow from Meditech to DR
  • Indexing DR tables for best performance
  • NPR to SQL report conversion
  • SQL programming, report writing and analytics
  • Transforming your DR into an Enterprise-Wide Data Warehouse
  • Pre-identifying the impact of Meditech Upgrades on DR, and verifying integrity after each update
  • Consulting for SQL programming on DR, optimization of queries, & extracting MU reports and submissions from DR
  • Using our Business Intelligence application to give insight into your DR
  • Reviewing hardware, SQL, and server configuration and recommending any changes to improve performance and security of data

Today TSG provides ongoing SQL support, consulting, and programming for Meditech’s DR (as well as third party Data Warehouses) to many hospitals including:

Customer Quotes

Princeton community Hospital
"We are currently using experts from the TSG (The Sham’s Group) for assistance with Meaningful Use Stage 2 They most recently assisted with CPOE training on site for our providers and staff. The training was exceptional and was extremely helpful in many areas particularly recommendations on how to make the ordering of medications less difficult for our providers. They also created some quick tools to assist users as a guide to key issues that may be problematic. The knowledge they have with Meaningful Use requirements and processes is invaluable and we plan to continue to use their services as needed throughout the meaningful Use timeline." -Sr. Director of IT and HIM

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