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In collaboration with Teletrak Medical Transcription, Inc. (TMT), our intelligent voice recognition services provide high accuracy and quick turnaround time regardless of transcription volumes. We offer you the ability to outsource your critical business process and meet all of your transcription needs without additional capital or resource investment.

ETranscriptor – TSG’s medical dictation and transcription is the platform for Transcription Outsource Services that capture clinician dictations into draft documents for review and edit by medical transcriptionists allows healthcare organizations to focus on core business activities and patient care. This gives clinicians access to the most current, comprehensive data, anytime, anywhere from their clinical applications, saving time, increasing physician satisfaction, and improving regulatory compliance.

We offer a variety of transcription-enabled dictation tools that fit a wide range of workflows: telephone, browser and desktop-based applications, and mobile apps for both iOS and Android™.


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Our clients can pick and choose the combination of one or more service items listed below:

  1. Captures the dictation and turns voice-to-text electronically by using back-end voice recognition with no formatting
  2. Our solution can further produce formatted reports to hospital/doctor’s specifications
  3. Connected with doctor specified patient/order number using ADT/Order feeds from EHR/EMR
  4. Review/edit by an experienced transcriber
  5. Integration of the report/results into EHR/EMR


Our Solution is designed to integrate with any EHR, EMR and HIS systems and streamline the clinical documentation and transcription processes.

  • We offer Dictation platform via phones and mobile iOS/Android apps with back-end voice to the text translation engine which save the time spent on transmission.
  • We offer ADT/Order integration and Reports/Results integration back into EHR/EMR. It saves transcriptionist time from re-typing the info and effort by eliminating duplicates or missing files in the system. This process runs 24/7.



  • Multilayer quality control, assured 95% accuracy
  • Standard templates are used to reduce the likelihood of errors as physicians’ styles and standards is used automatically

Turnaround time

  • Guaranteed quick turnaround of reports
  • Standard report turnaround in 12-24 hours (can be shortened based on the hospitals’ needs)
  • Stat/Priority report turnaround in 2-12 hours (can be shortened based on the hospitals’ needs)
  • Dedicated workflow monitoring team and prioritization of work types


  • Availability of transcription staff virtually 24 hours a day

Quality Assurance

  • Continuous quality improvement and quality assurance process
  • Quality Assurance Specialists – team approach to dynamically monitor and enhance the quality and accuracy of transcription: Transcriptionists, Editors, QA Staff, System Administrator
  • Retro QA: Random QA to verify the accuracy of content already submitted
  • Timely feedback and quality reporting to ensure the highest standards of clinical documentation

Experienced workforce

  • Transcriptionists with a combined experience of 20+ years of reporting in different HIS environments and hospitals
  • Transcription staff is continually trained about new medical terminology by physicians on an on-going basis


  • HIPAA-Compliant ensure end-to-end security
  • Transcription staff is regularly trained on HIPAA’s security and confidentiality expectations

Cost Savings

  • Speech recognition platforms have made the workflow of physician dictation to the typed report process much faster and consistent resulting in measurable cost savings
  • Complete documentation improves reimbursement
  • Option of hosted solution which eliminates the need of maintaining a physical server
  • Pay as you go service
  • Tier pricing for larger volumes


  • Web-based EMR/EHR
  • Simply upload your audio files and get an accurate transcript via our secure cloud/hosted transcription service in less time
  • Pause dictation and resume at a later time
  • Unique speech understanding platform

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