Transcription Services

Designed, Implemented, Operated and Managed by Physicians, Medical Record Staff, Healthcare Software Developers and Transcription Specialists

In collaboration with Teletrak Medical Transcription, Inc. (TMT), The Shams Group is excited to present a professional, accurate, and timely transcription service. We offer you the ability to outsource your overflow and meet all of your transcription needs. With our robust integration technology, we provide a high-end, innovative, web-based digital dictation and medical transcription service that delivers verifiable quality and guaranteed turnaround time. We also support integration with multiple information systems, including MEDITECH ITS, Dept, RAD, ChartScript, QuadraMed, Lanier, DVI, Dictaphone, and more.


  • Multilayer Quality Control, assured 95% accuracy
  • Guaranteed quick turnaround of reports
  • Standard report turnaround in 12-24 hours (can be shortened based on the hospitals’ needs)
  • Stat/Priority report turnaround in 2-12 hours (can be shortened based on the hospitals’ needs)
  • Nationwide and International network of experienced medical transcriptionists specializing in:
    • Emergency Room Reports
    • Radiology
    • Operative Reports
    • History & Physicals
    • Discharge Summaries
    • Consults
    • Letters, Office Notes
    • Worker’s Compensation
    • Progress Notes
    • Pathology
  • Continuous quality improvement and quality assurance process
  • Availability of transcription staff virtually 24 hours a day
  • Transcriptionists with a combined experience of 20+ years of reporting in different HIS environments and hospitals
  • Quality Assurance Specialists – team approach to  dynamically monitor and enhance the quality and accuracy of transcription: Transcriptionists, Editors, QA Staff, System Administrator
  • Automatic Feedback Process: Editor sends edited work back to transcriptionists to serve as a teaching tool to improve their work
  • Retro QA: Random QA to verify the accuracy of content already submitted
  • Standard templates are used to reduce the likelihood of errors as physicians’ styles and standards is used automatically
  • If applicable, a selected group of users can be assigned to a specific facility exclusively – backups are also trained for emergency needs
  • Transcription staff is regularly trained on HIPAA’s security and confidentiality expectations
  • Transcription staff is also trained about new medical terminology by physicians on an on-going basis