Combating COVID-19 with Digital Document Distribution & Routing

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Combating COVID-19 with Digital Document Distribution & Routing

by Christopher S. Garner

June 05, 2020

States are continuing to reopen little by little. Governing authorities are seeking to give relief to crippled local economies. And healthcare workers – they remain at the frontlines in the fight against COVID-19, continually serving and hoping and putting their own health on the line for the sake of others. Although new phases of the battle are being entered and new challenges are taking shape, there are still ways for hospitals to capitalize on digital solutions to make a meaningful difference at new battlefronts.

For instance, one way our clients continue to protect both remote and on-site staff is by taking advantage of an artificially intelligent workflow application that centralizes enterprise-wide document distribution and routing. ezDocflow benefits staff at home and in the office by giving organizations the ability to send and receive faxes and other documents digitally.

Keep Remote Staff in the Loop
Social distancing is keeping many employees at home, where contact with the virus is less likely. But in some cases, this causes a problem: how can those employees stay in the loop and receive important documentation? With ezDocflow, if your staff has access to a computer and internet, they can also have the ability to receive faxes, regardless of whether they are in or out of the office.

At one client location, remote staff in the financial department needed the capacity to receive faxes at home. To accomplish this, we created a new inbound workflow in ezDocflow, set up new fax numbers, and routed the faxes to the end users’ emails. We also offered to set up an OCR with rules, giving them the opportunity to leverage AI in their workflow to increase productivity. Within days, everything was in place, and the remote staff in their financial department were equipped to provide the services necessary to enable care to continue from home.

Further Protect On-site Staff
According to the CDC, COVID-19 “…is thought to spread mainly through close contact from person-to-person.” Yet, unfortunately, document distribution and flow in many healthcare facilities continues to rely heavily upon person-to-person delivery, which is, first, an inefficient means for distribution when compared to a click and, second, may require staff to breach the 6-foot area of separation that social distancing recommendations suggest. Not so with ezDocflow.

ezDocflow eliminates the need to distribute documents through person-to-person delivery by providing a digital, centralized document sharing location from which to receive and distribute. This means less trips to the printer, fax machine, or anywhere else shared office equipment is accessed, and less need for crowding those spaces. In this way, hospitals can redouble efforts to protect their staff and take greater precautions to help minimize the spread at the local level.

Whether your staff is currently working on-site, remote, or some mixture of both, ezDocflow can provide benefits for all. From rerouting faxes digitally to promoting a socially distanced work environment, it will enable your enterprise to better protect on-site staff and keep employees still working remotely in the loop. The fight against COVID-19 continues to develop and change, but there are digital solutions to match. We can help.

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