Combating COVID-19 with Remote Payment Collection

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Combating COVID-19 with
Contactless Payment Collection

by Christopher S. Garner

June 19, 2020

With thousands of new cases still being reported each day, the COVID-19 fight continues to be waged, casting doubts on any hopeful vision of a speedy return to normalcy. Over the past two weeks, some states – such as Texas and Louisiana – have experienced upticks in daily averages of new cases, while others – such as Mississippi and Michigan – have remained consistent or even declined, respectively. But there is no question that the war has yet to be won. “Though the number of new deaths has been curving downward,” a writer for the live coronavirus updates of the Times has cautioned, “the virus continues to circulate widely within the United States.”

As efforts to protect staff and minimize the spread continue, some hospitals will find relief in browser-based solutions that offer the ability to collect various forms of payment without physical contact and in remote situations. For such flexibility in the payment collection process, our clients have ezPay and ezCheckDeposit.

Collect Credit Card Payments without Physical Contact
Quick contactless payment methods have been devised by businesses in seemingly every industry. Drive-thru employees at fast food restaurants and coffee shops hold out credit card terminals to allow customers to swipe on their own. Grocery and retail store clerks advise shoppers to use the attached pen on terminals to complete transactions. And plexiglass shields seem to have popped up everywhere. These methods provide a way to protect employees facilitating transactions at brick-and-mortal business locations, where most payment collection occurs, and healthcare enterprises using ezPay can easily implement comparable methods of contactless payment at their facilities. But, what if an organization needs some financial work to be done from home?

With ezPay, your financial department can also safely collect credit card payments from home. By logging into a secure terminal, users are able to enter card information obtained over phone into a virtual machine. And since ezPay automatically cross-verifies payment amounts with patient accounts beforehand, users can worry less about dreaded accounting errors, which can result in unpaid balances and dissatisfied patients. Accordingly, ezPay gives healthcare providers all of the benefits of contactless payment – whether at home or at the office – with the additional advantages of automated reconciliation and fewer input errors.

Deposit Checks without Visiting a Bank
Some healthcare organizations receive a high volume of check payments through mail. In such cases, a form of contactless payment has already been achieved for staff, since there is no direct contact between sender and receiver. Yet, this does not completely negate the danger of coming into contact with the virus. Why? Because someone in the financial department must still physically visit a bank to deposit the checks. This can be avoided, however,by enterprises with a payment collection solution that enables remote electronic deposits.

ezCheckDeposit digitizes deposit slips and allows financial staff to skip trips to the bank. Aside from being more secure and efficient, this also keeps staff from needing to go to public areas, touch publicly shared surfaces, or even leave the office. That’s because ezCheckDeposit empowers staff to complete the entire process of check-depositing, start to finish, from the comfort of an office desk. It can also be used to enable more financial employees to work remotely, since only one worker need be present at the office to scan checks. Thus, with our digital check-depositing solution, organizations can maximize efficiency and cashflow while protecting their staff from infection with remote check deposits.

Though some areas are faring better than others, there remains a great need for caution and care across the nation as the COVID-19 fight continues. Contactless payment collection offers an avenue for financial employees to collect payments safely. If your healthcare enterprise lacks the ability to accept payments without contact or deposit checks without having to visit a bank, we have solutions that can help.

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