Combating COVID-19 with Telehealth Technologies

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Combating COVID-19 with Telehealth Technologies

by Christopher S. Garner

May 22, 2020

The overwhelming advantage of telehealth technologies, in these times, is that they enable clinicians to provide care at any distance. And this advantage remains abundantly helpful for many hospitals and healthcare systems across the nation, even as they move into different phases of their fight against COVID-19. According to a recent headline in the live coronavirus updates of the Times, all 50 states have begun to reopen to some degree. Now concerns appear to be shifting toward being prepared for and working to prevent a new wave of cases.

For hospitals already offering telemedicine at their facilities, the challenge of how to protect patients and staff while continuing to provide care has already been answered in large part. For others, questions still remain. So, how have hospitals gone about implementing telehealth solutions in their specific technological contexts, and what technologies are they using? With regard to our clients, we can answer.

Microsoft Teams for Telehealth
Using Microsoft Teams to facilitate video conferences with patients is one way our clients have addressed the urgent need for telehealth. This is because Microsoft Teams offers a convenient, yet also safe and reliable, way to do so. And the benefits are evident.

With a secure Teams channel through which to meet with doctors, patients not displaying coronavirus symptoms can receive care without leaving home, greatly minimizing their risk of contracting the virus. The same benefit also applies to individuals with coronavirus symptoms, but in reverse. Thus: through telehealth technology, potentially infected individuals can receive care from home and minimize the risk of their transmitting the virus. Add to these benefits the advantage of bolstering remote communication between staff, and it becomes evident why our clients are using Microsoft Teams for telehealth. It is a secure, reliable solution that helps hospitals minimize the spread, protect patients and staff, and keep clinicians connected as they continue providing care from various locations.

Telehealth Implementation & Digital Transformation
Since telehealth relies so heavily on innovative digital solutions, and since innovative digital solutions must always be assimilated into a specific technological context, telehealth implementation and Digital Transformation can often go hand-in-hand. Such was the case, for example, in the implementation of telehealth at another client’s facility. There, we not only assisted in the implementation of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint for telehealth, but also helped train staff on how to get the most out of those products. In addition, we worked with them to streamline workflows created in response to the new demands of COVID-19, helping them achieve greater productivity with less work. And therein lies the beauty of pairing telehealth implementation with Digital Transformation services: you don’t have to do this alone. You can capitalize on the expertise of seasoned IT professionals and ensure that telehealth implementation is fast, effective, and tailored to your specific digital environment.

Ready to Offer Telehealth to Your Patients?
By implementing telehealth technologies, hospitals enable their clinicians to provide care at any distance, and this helps protect both patients and staff in the fight against COVID-19. Moreover, our Digital Transformation services can assist in the process of implementation by ensuring that it moves along quickly, effectively, and with due consideration of the details of your digital environment. So, if you’re ready to offer telehealth to your patients, we at The Shams Group are here to help.

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