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Turn Your Enterprise Data into a Business Asset

October 02, 2020

Although the healthcare sector was one of the sectors expected to benefit most from big data technology, progress has been slow. Big data technology may offer healthcare enterprises a way to use information already at their disposal to drive growth and reduce waste in their operations, but how will those enterprises be connected with the tools, knowledge, and assistance to overcome integration challenges, understand BI technology, and ultimately capitalize on big data?

At The Shams Group, we’re making those connections and helping healthcare providers take advantage of the tools and strategies that transform enterprise data into a business asset.

Actionable Insights on Demand

With our new ETL & EDW services offering , the “how” of more confident decision-making and operation optimization can be summed up in two words: actionable insights.

It’s not unusual for healthcare enterprises to leave patient data siloed in the various transactional systems across their organization, where it does little more than accumulate virtual dust on database shelves. The data may be frequently used for daily operations within a given department, but it doesn’t offer value outside of those daily tasks and routines. And most IT teams don’t have the time or expertise to find a practical solution.

That’s where the right BI partner can make all of the difference.

With our new services offering, your organization can have actionable insights on demand without having to deal with the complexities of data migration and configuration. Our team will ETL the contents from your disparate systems into an enterprise-wide data warehouse, connect the best BI software for your staff and digital context, and, finally, instruct your staff on how to get the most out of the BI software selected.

As the insights mined from systems across your enterprise begin rolling in, you’ll have immediate access to actionable information on how to improve enterprise spending, correct revenue cycle errors, improve patient experiences and patient care, and more – enabling your executives to make smarter clinical and financial decisions quicker and with greater confidence.

EHR Data Migration & Purge Protection

But the value doesn’t stop there. Outside of establishing a technological environment that enables actionable clinical and financial insights on demand, our ETL & EDW services can also be used to help manage treasured EHR data. Is purging permanently destroying important patient data that could otherwise be used by physicians for research? Does a new physician need his or her patient charts moved into your EHR? Or, perhaps your health system has merged with another or acquired a new clinic?

We have your EHR data migration and purging needs covered.

On top of ensuring that all of the active information from the previous system is securely migrated into the new, our new services offering also guarantees that all legacy data is mapped properly and readily available for reference. And with purge protection, keeping databases up-to-date and functioning efficiently has never been more convenient. Your staff will be able to purge data from any EHR – whether for storage or compliance purposes – without allowing the value of that data to be lost forever.

The information stored in your EHR plays a vital role in saving lives and keeping your patients healthy, but with the help of ETL & EDW professionals, your healthcare organization can migrate and protect that data with ease.

Your Dedicated BI, ETL, & EDW Partner

The Shams Group is a healthcare software and service provider that has serviced over 400 hospitals and healthcare systems worldwide, extending its operation headquartered out of Irving, Texas, to include clients, local offices, and operations throughout the U.S. and Canada. TSG’s mission is to provide the expert guidance and bold solutions that drive greater levels of efficiency and productivity, improve patient engagement and satisfaction, and help providers distinguish themselves from competitors. If your enterprise needs help navigating the future of healthcare, TSG is here.

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