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Patient Check-In & Registration

by Christopher S. Garner
December 5, 2019

Every mortal has experienced it before. You walk through the front doors of a hospital or clinic seeking some intimate need and are immediately greeted by a maze: the intricately interwoven departments of the healthcare system. There’s no reason to be frank here – it can knock a sure-footed man from his feet and cause an otherwise fierce mama bear to shrink back in fear.

Where do you go? Which of the many desks and waiting rooms is the correct one for patients with your specific need to check-in? Should you approach the woman juggling six other patients at the front desk?

The problem illustrated above is one of way-finding (which is a technical hospital term that, for once, is as simple as it sounds) and patient check-in, and it is far more common than most might assume. As recently as 2017, Deloitte Digital reported that 30% of first-time visitors get confused or lost in hospitals.1 For the bewildered patients, that could mean being late to one’s appointment or even missing it altogether. For the hospitals, that could mean losing hundreds of thousands of dollars. One hospital even found the annual cost of way-finding issues at its facility to be nearly a quarter of a million dollars.2 Add to this open wound the salt of a 21.3-minute national average wait time,3 and there may be a need not only for more patients, but for more hospital executives to check-in at their local cardiovascular departments. And, as we have seen, this would probably only compound the issue.

The Shams Group (TSG) is making a difference.

Based on our analysis with Georgian Bay General Hospital, the time to complete the entire process will go from 26 minutes to 2 minutes – a 90% reduction.

Hospitals and clinics are massive systems with greatly differing departments and divisions, so it is no wonder why regular people, who are already worried about their own health or the health of a loved one, would have difficulty finding their way in these overwhelming structures. But TSG’s goal is to provide a solution.

Although it is just one of the many TSG products and services, making a positive impact in the healthcare industry today, TSG’s Patient Check-in and Registration Kiosk has been and still is one of its flagship product lines, being used in multiple hospitals and clinics around the world. The hospitals in which the suite has been implemented have experienced a staggering 90% reduction in wait times, on top of a 50% reduction in the overall cost of registration per-patient.4 In short, if you’ve had problems with patient wait times, facility navigation, patient registration, patient satisfaction, or any number of other things, then TSG’s Patient Check-in and Registration Kiosk is the go-go gadget to solve all of your provider woes in one.

For many of TSG’s clients, making things easier has been a no-brainer for over 25 years. They simply specify a problem, and in due time it is solved with precision and efficiency. And with TSG’s team of dedicated programmers and coders, your patient check-in and way-finding issues can also be a no-brainer.

As an RN Application Consultant at Georgia Bay General Hospital has put it:

“TSG’s Self-Service Kiosk improved patient waiting time and their involvement in Electronic Health Record. Customizable and downtime solution has resulted in increased efficiencies of staff time. Ability to print patient chart and the armband, streamlining patient admissions.”

Thanks to the advancements in healthcare technology at TSG, navigating and checking-in at hospitals and clinics is made easier.

Learn more about how TSG’s Patient Check-in & Registration kiosk can transform your hospital or business workflow today!


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