A Few Testimonials

“I have had the great pleasure of working with The Shams Group (TSG) since 2011 as Meaningful Use Consultants. They have met our needs and SQL database issues. TSG assisted us when no one else could restore SQL after a cyber event in 2017. They make us feel like we are their only customer and they meet our needs in a timely and efficient manner. Always cost-conscious with our money. An exceptional partner concerned about our financial and operational needs.”

– Princeton Community Hospital, Sr. Director of Information Technology

“Upgrading to a new interface is a challenge in itself, then we added a new hospital system, which proved to be an enormous challenge. We had to migrate years of data to the new system and that data was then housed in a Data Repository. Not only did we have to data check the output from the new interface, but also the input from the Data Repository to the Interface. Throughout the whole process, TSG was there, offering expert insight and technical support. We were able to complete our transition to the new interface and our data is solid. I know if we need any further technical support for our Decision Support System, I would only recommend TSG.”

– Freeman Health System

“I wanted to highlight one of the many positive experiences while working with TSG. We have a large rural area to support and much of that is covered by our Nurse Practitioners due to shortage of physicians. The Nurse Practitioners have been oriented on Provider Portal and they are clearly excited about its ease of use, and look forward to enhancing clinical outcome due to access to all data in one place.”

– Western Health, Health Information Analyst

“They are kind, professional, savvy and proficient.”

– Global Financial & Insurance Services, Inc

“Honestly, out of all the vendors I have worked with in my life, both personally and work wise, I haven’t met a better group than TSG.”

– Georgian Bay General Hospital, Application Specialist/Wait Time Coordinator

“TSG’s knowledge with PI requirements & processes is invaluable; we plan to continue to use their services as needed throughout the Promoting Interoperability (PI) timeline.”

– Princeton Community Hospital, Sr. Director of IT and HIM

“Thanks for all your hard work & dedication to move forward with a successful project over the last 3 days. You’re a good team.”

– Georgian Bay General Hospital, Application Specialist/Wait Time Coordinator

“TSG provided a thorough assessment that resulted in a flawless & seamless SQL Server upgrade on both MEDITECH DR and Medisolv servers.”

– Oconee Regional Medical Center, Chief Information Officer

“I do want to reiterate that the Shams team did a fabulous job over the weekend with the EMPI downtime that we experienced.”

– Suburban Hospital – Johns Hopkins Medicine, Healthcare Interoperability Specialist

“Medical Records is really happy to be using (literally) a ton less paper!”

– Berger Health System, Sr Data Warehouse Analyst, MIDS

“TSG solutions & professional services significantly contributed to our goals to successfully attest for Stage 1 Promoting Interoperability (PI).”

– Conway Medical Center, IT Director and HIPPA Security Officer

“Throughout the whole process, TSG was there, offering expert insight and technical support.”

– Freeman Health System

“I would only recommend TSG.”
– Freeman Health System

“Thank you for the outstanding job your team did. Please convey our thanks to everyone.”

– Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital

“We were able to complete our transition to the new interface and our data is solid.”

– Freeman Health System

“When we first set up GalacticaRX, I wanted to cry every day because the Pharmacists were so resistant to giving up their paper. Now, if the system goes down, they won’t let me tell the floors they can just use the fax number. They only want to see orders in that queue!”

– Willis-Knighton Health System, Pleschette Roberson

“If I haven’t told you yet, your team is awesome. The effect and the quick response are much appreciated plus the work they put in over the weekend. Thank you.

I think we are almost there.”

– Coastal Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, Josh Frazier, IT/HI Manager

“Just wanted to highlight a positive and something I have been working toward for a while. We have a set of providers here that are Nurse Practitioners who work and act as physicians. These are especially important in Rural areas where access to a main hospital are hours away. As of now, there are 7 Nurse Practitioners and that number will climb as it is difficult to retain physicians in Newfoundland and they are happy to fill the role.

I am pleased to announce the full population of Nurse Practitioners are now orientated to the Portal and are quite excited about it. Great Job Team!!! ”
– Western Health

“I am writing this on behalf of Global Financial & Insurance Services, Inc.  We moved in to our current office building last year (7/2011), and immediately faced challenges with Internet, Phones (VOIP), and software integration.  If it wasn’t for Joe Christopher, and his team, it would have taken us days to solve the issue.  Joe and his team jumped on the issue right away, and within hours our entire office was up and running.

I have no reservation to recommend Joe and his team.  They are kind, professional, savvy and proficient.  Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions, or need more information.”
– Global Financial & Insurance Services, Inc

“I just love you guys. You are all so responsive. Any time I have a problem, I just pick up the phone and call… and you’ve been always there.”
– Two Hospital-Based Non-For-Profit Health System, System Administrator

“I want to echo my thanks and tell you how much it means to me to be able to turn over an upgrade such as you guys did, knowing that whatever the problems encountered our partners would be there to help. Yes, there were problems – we all knew there would be, but their customer support team handled them very well. Thanks again – keep up the good work.”
– 452-Bed Non-Profit Medical Center, Director of IS

“It is not often enough that I take the time to thank you for the work you do. I was reminded this week during the SQL 7.0 upgrade how lucky I am to have the opportunity to work with The Shams Group. Everyone involved in the upgrade handled themselves very professionally. Anytime there was a problem you were quick to respond with a solution and provide me with an explanation. I was very pleased with the entire upgrade process. It was obvious you had gone to great lengths to make sure it went as smoothly as possible. You guys are great!  I know there were several others involved, please let them know how much I appreciate their hard work during the upgrade.”
– 452-Bed Non-Profit Medical Center, Database Administrator (DBA)

“Galaxy is an excellent platform for not only independent support decision-making, but also creating applications, small or large. It can perform tasks as simple as mail merge in Microsoft Word, to advanced Visual Basic software applications.”

– Private Not-For-Profit Pediatric Hospital , IS Director

“We’re using Galaxy as a Data Warehouse and a Repository and have found it to be a very helpful tool for financial and clinical analysis.”

– 260-Bed Hospital – Subsidiary of a Not-For-Profit Health System, VP Corporate Services

“It is not often enough that I take the time to thank you for the work you do.”

– 452-Bed Non-Profit Medical Center, Databased Administrator (DBA)

“Galaxy has removed the barrier that was preventing us from leveraging the incredible wealth of information that MEDITECH has.”

– 257-Bed Hospital in the Puget Sound Area, Director of Strategic Data Resource