How Does Our Kiosk Simplify Unscheduled Visits?

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How Does Our Kiosk

Simplify Unscheduled Visits?

by by The Shams Group

November 13, 2020

Burdened by a surge of patients, your ER is beginning to experience a slowdown. Registration clerks and nurses alike are scrambling to get patients registered and seen, but the team just can’t seem to get ahead of the surge. At the same time, one of your patients is at home, experiencing minor chest pains and a slight shortness of breath. With her primary care provider out of town, she’s considering a trip to the ER, but her memories are quickly dissuading her. She hasn’t forgotten the long and complicated registration processes she has been subjected to in the past, which only left her feeling unimportant and invisible. Being high-risk, her anxieties are also heightened by the threat of contracting COVID-19. How can you reduce the burden being placed on registration staff while reassuring worried, at-risk patients they’ll be safe and seen at your ER?

At The Shams Group, we’ve developed an intake solution for unscheduled visits that provides the answer to these challenges. We made a short video outlining this solution in brief, but in today’s post we’re going to expand upon that video to show how our Check-in & Registration Kiosk can simplify unscheduled visits in your ER or walk-in facility.

By eliminating the complexity of registration for unscheduled patients
Our Patient Check-in and Registration Kiosk simplifies unscheduled visits, first, by offering an intuitive platform for unscheduled registration. Patients can pre-enter registration information through an online portal – or have it pre-entered by loved ones – then simply check-in upon arrival. If patients forgo pre-entering registration information, signs or intake personnel direct them to kiosk stations upon arrival. From there, patients simply choose their preferred language, then follow prompts as the application guides them through each necessary registration task, step by step.

Because only questions required for compliance are uploaded into the workflow, patients won’t have to waste time answering unnecessary questions, and touch or type-based input ensures they won’t have problems answering necessary questions. Confirming their identity will be as simple as snapping a picture, verifying insurance information as easy as purchasing fast food. It’s all intuitive, familiar, and designed intentionally to facilitate an effortless user experience that eliminates the complexity of registration for your walk-ins. And with an 85% adoption rate among our clients’ patients, we know your patients will probably appreciate the simplicity of the process, too.

By reducing the burden of patient registration for your staff
Second, our kiosk simplifies unscheduled visits by quickening the intake process and reducing the burden of patient registration for your staff. As patients tap the screen or type answers via Bluetooth keyboard, their responses are monitored by an automated system that will alert staff of patients reporting acute health conditions, recent travel, or any number of other responses of interest. This gives registration clerks a triaging ally to help reduce their workload in busy times, but it may, in fact, eliminate the need for a dedicated team of registration clerks altogether. With so many patients completing registration independently and the kiosk supporting ongoing triaging efforts, some of our clients have been able to let nurses handle registration
Thus, by incorporating our solution into your unscheduled visits workflow, your healthcare organization can speed up registration, give staff a triaging ally to help identify patients needing immediate attention quicker, and ultimately reduce the burden of patient registration for your patient access staff.

By adding a supporting piece to your safe intake puzzle
Operating on either iPad or tablet devices, our unassuming intake solution also supports your efforts to establish a safe intake environment. Devices can be mounted 6 feet apart on stands, countertops, or walls and be incorporated into stations that include hand sanitizer and finger protectors. Although the stands are light weight and can include wheels, handheld cases are available to enable even greater mobility as well. Screens and keyboards can be easily sanitized with wipes, and since the device footprint is so small, maintenance never has to be a time consuming affair again.
The point? No matter the approach to coronavirus safety at your facility, our solution will assist, rather than arrest, your efforts, providing a simpler way to continue care safely in these unprecedented times.

Experience the Advantage of Simplicity
With an intuitive platform that quickens your intake process, helps triage unscheduled visits, and supports your efforts to protect patients and staff, your healthcare enterprise can drive higher levels of employee productivity and patient satisfaction at your ER or walk-in facility. Schedule a no-obligation consultation today to discover more about how our patient intake solution can streamline unscheduled visits and allow your organization to experience the advantage of simplicity.

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